I have having sweet cravings today...

Wednesday, July 07, 2004
I don't know why, but I am really tired today (I didn't work out at lunch) and I am craving sweets. Maybe it's the reintroduction of carbs, though really all I have had is rice and whole wheat bread. I started to go get a hershey's kiss from a coworker, but instead marched myself down to the kitchen, made me a cup of hazlenut coffee and added a packet of spenda to it. Now, normally I don't like sweet in my coffee - just cream at times - but I have found that it helps with my sweet cravings to drink it that way. It lasts for a while and gets me past my craving without putting a ton of points in my body!

So far today I have had 16 points - that leaves 6 to 11 for dinner tonight. I am not sure what I am cooking yet. We bought groceries on Monday so I have plenty to choose from.

Instead of foregoing the salt on my watermelon last night I skipped it all together. I had turkey pita sandwiches (two halves) and then we went to Michael's softball game and afterwards I just went to bed b/c I was so sleepy. We still have over half the watermelon left so I am sure there will be another opportunity.

Right now I just need to wake up. I am hoping the coffee will help me out there, too!!!