I had to try one out!

Friday, July 09, 2004
I stopped at Starbucks this morning on the way to work to try one of their new Frappuccino Light! I had a tall, which is 2 points and it was delicious! I also got one of their fat free bluberry muffins. I only ate the top from it so far b/c I cannot find the nutritional value for it. I only found it for the regular one 0~ which comes to 9 points. I'll have to research low fat bluberry muffins in general I guess before I can finish it! If it has 9 like the regular (which I am sure it doesn't), then I have had about 3.

Well, I found the nutritional value of a low fat blueberry muffin...4 points worth!! I found it on several different sites and they all came out to 4 points, even though I couldn't find it on the Starbucks site!

So, four points for the muffin and another two for the frappuccino light = a six point b'fast! Not too bad!