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Last night Michael and I

went to my mother's to have dinner with her. I use her mailing address for big shipments b/c my apartment has quit accepting packages and yesterday, by coincidence my Mary Kay starter kit had arrived. So after we ate I opened it all up to play with all the goodies and read all the literature! It was so much fun...and strange b/c I never considered myself high-maintenance or "girlie", but I guess to some degree I am b/c I have a lot of fun with makeup & scrapbooks! Though, I hate to shop for clothes, I love to shop for shoes or bags/purses!!! LOL!

While we were there we watched Studio 7 - I had never even heard of it. We had it on the WB b/c we wanted to watch Blue Collar TV and it came on later. It was an interesting show...kind of a mix of The Weakest Link, Survivor, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and The Real World all rolled into one! We might have to watch it more b/c we're going to start watching Blue Collar TV and S7 comes on afterwards (after Reba, I think)…

Had a tough workout today!

I could definitely tell today in class that I had been on hiatus for a week. I was so tired when class was over! On the way out, though, the trainer complimented me on my improvement since I have been back in the gym. That thrilled me and was so great motivation-wise!!! I think I really needed to hear that. I haven't been as positive as I should be to keep it up! I really have been feeling better physically, but not seeing a change in the scale it's hard to stay's like have to have some sort of quantifiable number to know that I am making any progress!!!

Well, I have taken on a new challenge!

I have become a consultant for Mary Kay! I had such a great time on Saturday when we all went for our makeovers and the consultant was really nice and seemed to enjoy what she was doing! It sounded like something that I would really like to do, so I gave her a call, signed up, and bam ~ I'm a consultant!!!

So...if you use Mary Kay Cosmetics and don't have a consultant, please feel free to visit my Mary Kay Site or send me an email!

Dinner is on the stove

and after the kitchen gets cleaned up I am going to organize the cabinets in the bathroom! Clean out, throw away, and put up! I have been tackling one organization chore a day. I did make up and cosmetic bins Saturday, Sunday I did winter clothes and workout clothes, today it's under the cabinets. I still need to go through my closet and organize the rest of my clothes and decide what stays and what needs to go to goodwill. Then, of course there is more, I have to tackle the shelves in the closet - in case you hadn't figured it out by now, my closet has been greatly neglected in the past few months!!! Everything else stays pretty much neat, but since it's easy to shut closet doors - out of sight, out of mind!!

I need to go check on dinner - one sec!

Mmmm...smells good in there. I had to turn the stove down a bit! Michael bought a watermelon and a canteloupe today. I can't wait to cut into those for dessert!

He hurt his hand on Friday at work. He cut it pretty badly. He pr…

This doesn't work...does it?

Last night at the ball park I overheard a conversation between some spectators and one of the umps.

Her: Man you're looking much weight have you lost.
Ump: 48 pounds so far.
Me: (in my head) How'd he do that???
Her: How did you do that?
Ump: Lots of chicken and lettuce.

Today in the break room I was talking to one of my coworkers.

Me: Wow, you've lost a lot of weight. How much so far.
Her: 16 pounds so far. I have 4 to go.
Me: How are you doing that?
Her: Lots of salads and chicken - and tuna, too!

They make it sound oh so simple!! Is it just me that has a hard time doing something so simple.

Class (abs and hi/low) was cancelled yesterday so I decided to use that as my day off and run errands. Today, when I should have been working out, I was sitting here at my desk suffering of severe fatigue and cranial pains ~ I'M SLEEPY AND I HAVE A HEADACHE! And apparently I am cranky, too. I hadn't realized that before I wrote it, though! Dreary weather can do that, but I sho…

Too late...

by the time I finally got my door shut, it was almost time to open it. All I got accomplished behind closed doors was to floss my teeth!

I hate people who cannot be happy for others! If I work hard on something, I don't want to hear, "Oh yeah, that's easy to do..." or if someone gets something nice, don't say, "Yeah, everyone gets those..." or "Yeah, I could have had one of those, but chose a better one instead." Why are some people just so damn nasty!?!?!

I haven't been keeping up with my reads...

or with writing! It's been busy around the office and when I come home I usually don't get on the computer ~ but I'm still here!!! I decided to stay in during lunch today instead of working out...I don't know why, but I am really tired today and my head is kinda hurting, so after this post I think I am going to lay my head down for a little bit.

They're building a new new BMW dealership out here. I can see the construction from my window. It caught my eye b/c there is a big white cloud of dust out there. I don't know what they are doing, though. It's kinda cool to watch it, though. The other side of the building faces the mall and they have had tons of construction out there over the year - that was very interesting to see, though I only saw when I went visiting to coworker's offices!

Michael had a softball game yesterday. The way the weather was looking when I got off work, though, I didn't think they were going to be able to play. It didn't las…

Well, I am still here.

I am still working out every day during lunch. I usually take off one day a week, though. I am getting a really good work out each day and though I am not losing any more weight, I am maintaining - with no real organized diet. I am watching what I eat and my portions, but that's it. I haven't been counting carbs or points - I just know what's good for me and not good for me and I am trying to eat a minimal amount of the "not good for me" stuff!

I am actually feeling good. Pants seem to be fitting me nicely these days. Nothing too tight...comfortably roomy around the thighs and hiney and waist! So...I am not so down in the dumps as I was during my last post. I am not happy that I am not losing, but I am hopeful that it will come again in time. I know that if I am building muscle then I won't lose, so I am trying to concentrate on cardio and light toning. I don't really need the toning as much as the cardio anyway. So...I'm still here - I hope you are, t…

Michael and I did some grooming on Sunday!

He needed a haircut and there is a place next door that gives wonderful I decided to treat myself while he was getting his hair cut! What do you think??

(There are a couple more pics here, too!)

We had a good weekend...kinda low key. I went to my parents' Saturday morning with Elaine, despite fighting a bad sick migraine. It was a lot better by noon. We visited and had lunch and mother measured Elaine's dress for the weddign to be hemmed. Afterwards, we had a crop party - scrapbooking - until around five and then came back to my place for a bit. That night Michael and I had dinner and went bowling with his brother and girlfriend. Sunday we visited with his parents all day and had dinner with them! It was a nice quiet weekend...I like those!

Everyone is back in the office this I no longer all alone! Of course, it really wasn't that bad last week. To be honest, even though I was swamped, I rather enjoyed it! This week I have to play a little bit of cat…

Lunch conversations...or the lack of!

{Nail salon}
Me: "How long is the wait?"
Her: "There's no wait...take a seat right there..."

la de da

Me: "I need a fill and a repair...I want clear tip with pink powder, solar nails"
Him: "Okay, this one need come off..."
Me: "NO, just fill it. It's fine. Y'all filled this last time and every time I come in here you try to make me take them all off and get a new set. Just do what I want...Please!"

{silence - 30 minutes of staring at the huge zit right on the top of his nose. 'Couldn't he see that in the mirror when he washed his hands? Why doesn't he take care of that?' Just stare at the TV.}

Me: "I want you to use that skinny file tool and make sure they are filed underneath."
Him: "No, I can't do that. Too short."

{He grabs the skinny file when he's done and proceeds to do exactly what I asked. WTH?}

Driving to Skewers to get some yummy grape leaves, but instead of Skewers I find Dimassi&…

Seems yesterday I made a promise that I couldn't keep.

I didn't get back to make that post after working out yesterday. I had a lot of work yesterday afternoon and people in and out of my office and the phone kept ringing on top of that!!!

So...I'm a few hours late on that promised post, but better late than never, huh?

I have made of 50% of the offshore division this week...everyone is out on vacation. And tomorrow I'll be 100% of the division as the last one is leaving for his vacation!!! Shouldn't be too bad, though. That's when I actually get more work done to be honest, b/c no one bothers me!!

The weekends are getting full! I won a free makeover for me and my bridesmaids - so that's one weekend, then we have a sweet sixteen party, there are showers planned, my Grannie's 90th b'day, a family clay shoot, and a first b'day party! Man...there are a lot of b'days coming up. I didn't realize that until I wrote it all out! Nope...I am not complaining, being so busy mean you have lots of friends and f…

i give up...

Everyone around me is losing weight...everyone else around me is losing weight. Not me and I am working my butt off over here! I am in the gym doing mostly cardio every day during lunch and the scales are going the wrong way! so i give up...i am going to keep working out just b/c it makes me feel better...but I haven't seen any progress in weeks...

I had to try one out!

I stopped at Starbucks this morning on the way to work to try one of their new Frappuccino Light! I had a tall, which is 2 points and it was delicious! I also got one of their fat free bluberry muffins. I only ate the top from it so far b/c I cannot find the nutritional value for it. I only found it for the regular one 0~ which comes to 9 points. I'll have to research low fat bluberry muffins in general I guess before I can finish it! If it has 9 like the regular (which I am sure it doesn't), then I have had about 3.

Well, I found the nutritional value of a low fat blueberry muffin...4 points worth!! I found it on several different sites and they all came out to 4 points, even though I couldn't find it on the Starbucks site!

So, four points for the muffin and another two for the frappuccino light = a six point b'fast! Not too bad!

I thought I would play around with my template today.

Do you like this look? Having each entry separated this way...or should it go back to the way it was? I kinda like it b/c it's different, but am not 100% sure that it goes will with the sidebars anymore. It's getting time to clean up my sidebars, too. Maybe that'll be a weekend project!

Update: Okay, I have been playing around with the CSS for this table (entries) and every time I make changes it is changing what's going on OUTSIDE the table...moving the entire table, not affecting that within the cell. I am not really sure what I am doing wrong. I have my HTML book out and have been surfing to find the answer! If you know...please help!

(I have been having a lot of tech questions here lately)

Everyone is gone...

the boss was out today...Gary left about four, Kim just left, Chris is here, but I never see him anyway. It's quiet...too quiet!! SO CAN I GO HOME ALREADY!!?!?!?

This has been the longest day! It's a short week. Four day week. It's supposed to come and go and the weekend be here in no time. So, why oh why is it taking so long!?!?!

I think I am going to make spaghetti casserole tonight...with deer meat. Super lean and tasty! Yum! It was lightening out there earlier on the horizon, but it's bee-u-te-ful out there now. I hope it stays that way for a while.

Jonsing over here!!!

OKay, it has to be the fact that I have reintroduced carbs into my body...right!?!? And it will go away after I get used to eating the few carbs that I eat...right!?!?!? I have the munchies so bad!!! I am just flat out hungry!

So...I broke down and made myself a four point snack, which leaves me 2 to 7 points only for dinner tonight!!!! I need to fish around and find a good low point recipe for dinner tonight; otherwise, it'll be salad or cereal for dinner tonight!

I have having sweet cravings today...

I don't know why, but I am really tired today (I didn't work out at lunch) and I am craving sweets. Maybe it's the reintroduction of carbs, though really all I have had is rice and whole wheat bread. I started to go get a hershey's kiss from a coworker, but instead marched myself down to the kitchen, made me a cup of hazlenut coffee and added a packet of spenda to it. Now, normally I don't like sweet in my coffee - just cream at times - but I have found that it helps with my sweet cravings to drink it that way. It lasts for a while and gets me past my craving without putting a ton of points in my body!

So far today I have had 16 points - that leaves 6 to 11 for dinner tonight. I am not sure what I am cooking yet. We bought groceries on Monday so I have plenty to choose from.

Instead of foregoing the salt on my watermelon last night I skipped it all together. I had turkey pita sandwiches (two halves) and then we went to Michael's softball game and afterwards I ju…

Same ole' story...

I am doing real good during the week on my points, but the weekends are another story. I am not eating twice my points or anything...I am just going over my maximum during the weekends. I hope my workouts are offsetting that some! Yesterday I had a really good lower body workout and today I had a great abs/cardio/overall-strength-training workout! Wednesdays are my hardest days in the gym and take me the longest to get back up to my office!!

I have noticed that I have been retaining a lot of water lately, i.e. my rings are tight on my fingers at times. I think I have discovered the root of this. We bought a watermelon last week and have been eating on it and I like salt on my watermelon. Bad, bad, bad...I know, but it tastes so good that way! Anyway, tonight I am still going to have my watermelon...sans the salt, or at least with only a little salt on it! I have drank more water today hoping that will help me out some, too. I haven't been drinking my water like I should, but after…

Just for the record,

these work great!! I got one this weekend - I HATE toilet bowl brushes. I think they are nasty ~ just homes for gross stuff! No, I didn't spend all weekend cleaning, but I did do a lot of it! My house is all sparkly!

Friday night we went out to see Spiderman 2 - very good! I liked it better than the first. Saturday morning was when I did most of the cleaning then. That afternoon Michael and I headed down to Clear Lake to see some friends. We spent some time at the pool, then had dinner, then headed back to the pool/hot tub until pretty early into the morning. It was way too late to drive home, so we decided to wait until Sunday morning. When we got back home we piddled for a while doing some stuff around the house and decided to head down to Texas City to the dike and go crabbing! I hadn't been since I was very little! We really had a great time. We only caught about 8, but there are already plans in the air for another trip!

Afterwards the plan was to drive to Galveston, have…

Technical Question

If you're using Mozilla Firefox, please tell me if you see three columns or two side columns and just a blue center??? When I use IE to view Jeans I see three columns with white backgrounds - when I use Firefox I see two side columns, but the posts are simply on the blue background in the center - no white background.

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

I saw this blog survey

at Kathy's and thought it was very interesting. If you copy it to your own blog leave me a comment ~ I'd like to read what you have to say, too!

Ethics/Personal Life:
Has a blog post ever got you into trouble?
No, It hasn't got me into trouble, but someone I knew a long time ago left a lot of hateful comments once b/c of a post that I wrote. It was a complicated situation with an ex - the comments were left anonymously, but I was able to find out who it was from their ISP.

How many people do you know face-to-face who read your weblog?
A lot actually. A few of my family members read and several friends...and of course those friends that I have through the blog.

Do you modify or delete posts? How often? Why?
Not really...though, if I post something that later I find to be untrue I will definitely go back and correct it...

How much is your weblog a part of your personal identity? Do you feel like people who don’t know about your blog don’t really know you?
I don't know...I mean,…

Headaches still abound...

I know it's b/c of the weather. It's beautiful out there now, but this morning it was so overcast and nasty and then rained a bit. At least I am not sick with this one like I was with the other, although it did keeping me from going downstairs to work out today.

I have been doing good with points, though. Last night I bought some fat free cool whip, strawberries, and blueberries for a great low point red, white, and blue dessert!!! I brought the leftovers with me for an afternoon snack today!

So far today I have had 16 points ~ leaving 6 to 11 for dinner!!

My coworker just walked in

and said, "Come here and take a look at this..." ~ being 28 floors above The Woodlands with all the new construction going on out here we see some pretty cool stuff sometimes, so I followed him. There is a column in front of my window blocking what he wanted to show me, but through his window he pointed down to the parking lot below where there sat a limo with a lot of graphics on the sides and top. Now, from way up here I thought I saw a checked flag...surely that wasn't a racecar limo...but oh yes, it was!!! We checked it out with binoculars and it clearly stated that Racing Limos have come to Houston! NASCAR fans city wide are whooping & hollering!!!