Thursday, June 17, 2004

WooHoo...I got a promotion

AND a raise!!!!! Climbin' that ladder! Hee Hee! What a great day to me! I knew it was time for our merit raises, but when I walked in to my boss' office he said, "Wait a minute ~ I left something off..." then wrote something on a sheet of paper...when he handed it to me I knew it was my raise info, but when I read the percentage and what he added I nearly screamed!!! It was twice what I got last year and he had written out my new title!! I was so excited...still am!

The promotion is more a title change than anything else really - a higher authority level, too, but 9/11 of this year will be my four year anniversary...(yeah, my anniversary is on 9-11). We (all the new hires that were a result of the merger) were promised to see some kind of action like this within three years. Well, three years came and went. I had a year and a half grandfathered into my vacation time b/c of past experience so I am at a five year vacation status this year - which is wonderful considering the fact that I'll be taking time off for wedding and honeymoon!

There is a lot of hush-hush going on around here today b/c we don't know who got promoted and who didn't and no one wants to ask - though, we're all doing it!!! So far I only know of me and one other to get the promotion. Of course everyone got a merit raise of some kind!

So...tonight I told Michael we need to go celebrate!!! Have a nice dinner or something! My coworker who got promoted as well said they were going to do the same tonight!

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