Time to buckle down!

Friday, June 04, 2004
I haven't fallen off the wagon - I told you how I ate this weekend - but I have been static (weight wise) at 182 since May 27th! Not even 1/2 pound gone!! So, today I am getting as serious about my water intake as I have been about induction and am going to track it daily as I did with my induction posts.

Goal: To drink two 32 ounce cups of water during the work day...and anything more at night will also be tracked. 64 ounces - that's 8 cups. That is what we're told we're supposed to drink, right?!?! I have set this goal before...though my approach was a little different. We have 32 ounce cups downstairs and in the mornings I get one (sometimes just ice water, sometimes with Crystal light) - I figure if I can finish one before lunch then I can refill it at lunch and finish it before the day is over. Otherwise, I can drink it on the way home!

That's a reasonable & attainable goal! I just have to stick with it and writing about it daily like I did with induction should help. I haven't drank nearly enough water over the past few weeks!