Friday, June 04, 2004
We had three very lovely showers!!! (Lovely seems an appropriate word for showers, doesn't it??) I have given several showers for friends in the past, but it is a lot different being on the receiving side! I had a great time at all of them and I hope everyone else did as well!

The first one was held August 21st at Elaine's house. She was a hostess along with all my other bridesmaids! This shower was mostly for all my friends and coworkers and we had a lot of fun! They played a great game there - my mother brought about a dozen pictures of me throughout my life and they got passed around the room and everyone had to guess my age or the year! They also asked a lot of questions about me - to see how well my friends knew me!!! I think my sister won that one!

Our second shower was held on August 22nd - yeah, it was a busy weekend! This one was for Michael's side of the family. His two aunts were the hostesses, but they had a lot of help, too! It went really well and Michael came for the last half of this one. I got introduced to so many people that day that it made my head spin!!! I just hope when I see them again they don't think I am rude if I cannot recall all their names!!!! I think we got almost everything we registered for that had to do wtih camping at thisshower and Michael's mother made a great scrapbook of his life, too.

Our last shower was held September 11th in Broaddus. This one was thrown by my two sisters, my two nieces (who are bridesmaids), my aunt, and a lady that I have known all my life. It was held in our home church in Broaddus that I grew up in. Michael stayed through all of this one and I am glad he was a lot more entertaining that way! Hailey asked me a lot of questions about Michael and if I got them wrong I had to chew a piece of bubblegum - big pieces of bubble gum. I think I only missed about six, but I had a mouthful of gum!!! I guess I deserved that one b/c I did the same thing to her at her shower! But what wasn't as deserved was what she did to me when I first came in!!!! She had laid out all possible ingredients for a scratch cake and in five minutes I had to put together a cake and get it in the oven without a recipe!!!! I was so nervous - but it was a great shower game. I cannot wait to use it on someone else!!! Ha Ha Ha! (Good one Hailey!) Not only did I have to bake it, though - Michael and I had to taste it!" Honestly, it wasn't terrible. It was more like a sweet biscuit though than a cake!

All three of our showers were a lot of fun and Michael and I have more than enough to set up house, that's for sure!

Thank you so much to all of the hostesses - you all did a great job and Michael and I really appreciate it!

Ashley, Amanda, Me, Elaine, & Hailey Margie, Me, & Joyce Amanda, Me, Aunt Elaine, Mrs. (Sutton) Wilkerson, Teresa, Donna, Hailey, & Abigail

(All the showers pictures are here.)