Reason #126 to always keep spare batteries:

Monday, June 21, 2004
Last night Michael and I trekked out to pick up something to eat...when it was time to go, Michael clicked his keyless remote to disarm the alarm and nothing happened...Hmmm. OKay, try it again - you didn't hit the right button. Same response ~ nada! The battery in his keyless remote was dead. Now, my keyless remote has to visit the dealer if the battery dies, so my first thought was that we were basically screwed. Fortunately Michael's is different than mine and you can change the battery yourself...trouble is, we didn't have any spare batteries lying around.

We were at Sonic when this happened and down the road was a Randall's, so Michael started walking and I waited at the car. A while later he arrived, sweaty, with two brand new batteries. Yay! We're saved...well, we would have been, but they were the wrong size! Huh!?! About this time Michael's irritation threshold is nearing its peak, so I volunteered to make the second trip over to Randall's where I find they don't even carry the size that we needed. Sheesh!

So I call Michael and started back to Sonic, where I find him on the way to meet me...we turn around and walk further down to Kroger's where we finally found the darn battery and walk all the way back to Sonic to put it in the keyless remote! Finally!!!!! We had been parked there for over an over while we trekked up and down the highway - I even had some guy circle around and come up to me and ask me if I needed a ride ~ and what do we say when strangers offer us a ride???

It was hot and muggy and by the time we got back in the car we both looked like we had just run a marathon! Bleh! We were gross, but we had a working keyless remote so we were happy, though sweaty, campers!