My weekends are killing me!

Monday, June 21, 2004
During the week I eat so isn't too hard. Then comes the weekend and I fall off. I had one biscuit and one small pancake and corn this weekend!!! I thought maybe I could just be on induction Monday through Friday and then "low carb" on the weekends, but looking back, what I had wasn't low carb either. I don't know why I have these ups and downs with my diet. I do so well for so long on induction and then all that hard work goes right out the window. And you know it isn't even so much that I crave any of's just more like, "It's there - Okay". It's like I lost that little thing inside my head that told me not to eat it. That told me to care about what it was going to do to my body!

Exercise is going well. I am in the gym at least four days out of the week. Today I did an abs class and then upper body. After this incentive program is over (which is this week) I am going to concentrate more on cardio than weight training. I'll still keep the weights in, but since I won't be trying to rack up as many points, I'll turn more of that energy over to cardio to burn fat.

I saw these this, I am not thinking of buying them to lose weight, but it reminded me to buy some mints or gum to keep in my purse. Mints always cut cravings for me...I guess b/c it would pacify the sweet craving and b/c it made other things taste funny! Ha ha!

Irregardless, I have been talking/writing about getting back on track and since it hasn't happened it just sounds more like whining now to me and who enjoys reading that!?!?