I was reading one of

Monday, June 07, 2004
Nina's posts about washing her son's hair and it made me think about how mother used to wash my hair when I was a little girl.

She used to put me up on the counter so that I could lay down with my head in the sink, with a towel on the edge of the sink to go under my neck. Then she would hold my head up so that it wouldn't hurt my neck and turn my head from side to side under the faucet and then use the sprayer to get the hair on th back of my head. Remember now, I have a lot of hair and it was even longer when I was little than it is now!!!

Then she would scoot me back down a little bit so that my head could partially rest on the towel and she would start scrubbing my hair and my scalp with her long fingernails! After it was all lathered up real good, I would scoot back up to get my head under the faucet enough so that she could rinse out the shampoo and then it was repeated with the conditioner. I used to love to get my hair washed b/c it was so relaxing! Even back then I knew how to appreciate relaxing moments!!!

Afterwards she would towel off my hair and then IT would always happen. She would sit me up on the stool and commence to coming out my locks! Now, even though she used conditioner there would always be one or two places where the comb didn't just slide on through as easy as pie...remember ~ long, thick, curly hair - what do you expect. So, I would grit my teeth and listen to my grannie telling me, "Beauty knows no pain..." Bullsh*t - it was PAINFUL!! So much for relaxing! That was in the past - now it was time to endure!!!

LOL - when I was older and able to take care of my hair on my own the torture of combing it out wasn't nearly as bad! I learned to condition my hair better and comb easier so that it wasn't an upleasant experience!!! Today I hardly ever have tangles, thank goodness!