I think I need to just bite the bullet

Tuesday, June 15, 2004
and buy the bullet! (That wasn't corny!)

I love to watch infomercials...I don't know why. I never buy anything from them, though. Usually if it's something that really works it will be in the stores sooner or later. Well, Sunday I watched one for the Magic Bullet...and I want one!!! It's so cool...and I could so make some great low carb fixins with it! Mmmm...the chocolate mousse alone would be worth it (substitute chocolate syrup with cocoa and splenda maybe) - okay, maybe that alone isn't worth it, but I can see a lot of possibilities ~ guess that's the purpose of the infomercial, though, huh?!?! Means they did their job if I want to buy one!! LOL!!

UPDATE: I found it at another site for a tiny amount less ~ I'm sure it'll hit stores sometime, too and be even cheaper.