How We Met

Wednesday, June 09, 2004
Michael and I met on January 11th, 2003 - I had been invited by some friends from college to go out to a birthday party at SRO's. Now, when people ask I don't tell them we met at a sports bar - I simply say we met through friends!!! Those friends just happened to be at a sports bar!!

The birthday party turned out to be for Michael and another friend of his. When Michael came in he was introduced to me and then later my friend told me how sweet and nice and polite he was! I don't think they had intentions on setting us up, though. Later she told me that Michael wanted to be re-introduced to me, but the guys wanted to know first if I would go out with him or not...I guess if I had said no they weren't going to introduce us again!!!

Needless to say, I said that I would probably go out with him. He was cute and seemed nice, though he hadn't spoken a word to me since he walked in! So...a while passed and we still hadn't been "re-introduced" and I was beginning to wonder if he really had said he wanted to talk to me at all! Next thing I knew my friend asked me to dance so that he could cut in on Michael and his dance partner! LOL! After that we danced the rest of the night - I think b/c there was less pressure to talk than if we had just been sitting at a table together. Michael didn't even really ASK me to dance after that...when he wanted to dance he would just walk by, grab my hand, and out on the dance floor we went! We talked very little and finally he did ask if I would want to go out with him sometime - later he actually pulled me to the other room to get my phone number and talk a little bit!

We went out about three days later and then then following weekend went out with the couple that I went to SRO's with...and that was it! We have seen one another every day since, of course with the exception of deer season! I know already that I'll be a deer-widow when the season comes around every year!!!

Now that the wedding planning is going on I decided to set up this site for family and friends afar to feel like they are here with us...and of course for my own personal online wedding album.

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