Great workout today!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004
I did abs today at 11:30 and followed that with Low & Ball (20 minutes of low impact aerobics for cardio- vascular endurance/fat burning and 20 minutes of toning exercises using Resist-A-Balls and resistance equipment. 45 minutes. per the class description). The first part gets your heart rate way up and really works up the sweat then the second part really kicks your butt!!! I limped out!!! Ha Ha!

After showering I headed over to get some lunch - really I wanted the biggest glass of ice water that I could find! I was so thirsty. I didn't have any intentions of getting a hot lunch b/c I was still hot myself, but they had low carb pasta today so I took advantage. She gave me more than a serving size, I am sure, so I am only going to eat about half of it. It has chicken, too so I'll eat all of that and I have a side of cauliflower with cheese sauce on it.

Last night I made chicken fried steaks - on of Michael's favorites. I was just going to slow cook mine instead of battering and frying it, but a coworker told me to just put the egg batter on and no flour - that it would cook up crispy as if I had floured it. She was right! It was very good. A secret I'll have to remember for the future! I also made some gravy with about two tablespoons of flour for Michael's steak and yes, I put about a tsp of that on top of my own steak. We had fresh veggies from Michael's grandmother's garden for sides. Yummy!

Tomorrow is going to be my day off for exercise - we're going out for a b'day lunch to Olive Garden. Yeah, I know ~ Italian! There are ways around the pasta! I either order a chicken dish and ask the pasta to be replaced with veggies!!!