Got breakfast and coffee and work started...

Monday, June 14, 2004
now I can fill ya in on the past three days! Oh, what a wonderful sound - three day weekend (even it yesterday was spent taking care of car troubles)!!!

Friday night Michael and I met up with some friends for dinner and then went out. We had a good time, but could definitely tell that we hadn't been out like that in a while b/c we were both so tired on Saturday. Michael had an early game (softball tournament) Saturday morning. I didn't make it to the first one, but I went shortly after - they didn't have a great tournament this time. I also had errands to run and a busy day scheduled. I had two b'day parties - one for my friend's little boy and another for one of my coworkers. Michael hadn't planned on joining me for either, but his schedule worked out so that he made it to the first one for a couple hours. It was a lot of fun. Lots of little kids running around! After that I dropped him off in time for his next game and then headed up to The Woodlands for the 2nd b'day party. This was an adult only party!! They had rented one of these! LOL - it was so much fun! It was hilarious, too - watching all these adults run and slide on this thing. And to make it more interesting, they added slippery stuff like baby oil and shampoo to the slide!!!! They also made jell-o shots, marinated watermelon (wink*wink), and sangria (one of my favorites) ~ grilled and had lots of munchins'!!! I only stayed a couple hours b/c I wanted to watch Michael play a little, too - but I had a great time! Definitely going back next year since this is an annual thing! After I left I went back to the ball park just in time to see Michael's last game. Afterwards we were both pretty wiped out so we just went home to clean up and rest a while and then went out to dinner.

Sunday both our mothers were coming over to go flower shopping for the wedding. Michael decided he would go with us so we all loaded up and went out. We managed to make it home just before the downpour!

Then yesterday evening after the rain had gone, we were heading to Michael's and his car quit - just poof, quit! His parents came out to help us figure out what was wrong. We ended up having it towed to his apartment. So, that's why I was out yesterday - we had it towed to the mechanics and since he was going to be afoot I stayed home and we took care of a bunch of errands and even took some time to play ~ went spent about an hour in his pool! It was so nice!!!

It's hard to wake up today, though. This weather is perfect napping weather!