Changing horses mid-stream...

Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Since I have been working out more these days I have noticed being on a low/no carb diet that I don't have any fuel to burn. The trainer got onto me about it once, though I quickly told her that I was eating veggies...she lightened a little.

Well, I have come to a decision - since I am working out more of course I could just introduce more carbs back into my diet, but some carbs seem to welcome more carbs, so...I have decided...after talking with Kimberly...that it's start counting points again!!

I have a point tracker on my PDA, which helps a lot and after being on low carb for so long I have learned a lot more about sugar and how it affects your body so that I'll be able to better avoid it - which helps to lower points as well. So, am I going to start eating pasta and bread with every meal??? No - what I have decided to do it only to have one a day, i.e. if I have a sandwich for lunch, then no more carbs (from bread, pasta, rice, potato, etc) for that day. I'll still have carb intake through fruits or vegetables, but I am going to limit those from white breads, rice, potatoes, b/c those are the evil carbs!!! They are the ones that make me crave more and more!

I notice that after a really hard workout I was beginning to feel faint and I know it was b/c my body's sugar level had dropped and on Atkins if you don't take supplements (which I don't), you can't replace those sugars with fruits b/c then you worry about whether or not your in/out of ketosis, etc. If I were not working out so much, I think I might stay on Atkins, b/c honestly it worked well for me - until my activity level rose, which is better for me anyway.

This isn't a license to splurge by any means. I am going to be very careful and conscious about what I eat - and counting points is a great way to track intake.

So far today, I have had 18 points (12 B'fast; 6 Lunch) - I have 4 to 9 left for dinner. Since Wednesdays are my hardest days in the gym I try to have a good breakfast those days, which are also our meeting days and we take turn bringing b'fast! Also, I won't miss bacon and eggs every morning for b'fast. I get creative with what I put in my eggs, but honestly sometimes the sight of any poultry product would start to make me nauseous after a while!

So...there you have it! I am taking my weight loss into a new direction! You know a lot of the low carb meals I used to eat are low in carbs, so even though it seems these two diets are at the opposites ends of the spectrum, in some ways they aren't! Low sugar = low carbs = low points!