Body Mass Index

Thursday, June 10, 2004
According to this BMI calculator (Body Mass Index) to be normal I should weigh between 110 & 150. At my current weight, 182, not only am I overweight, I am clinically obese!! The first weight trainer I ever met with told me that I was obese at 170! current goal is 176 (20 pounds from the 196 I started with) - if/when I reach that I'll shoot for another 20 and hopefully make 150, which has been my secret goal all along. Don't know how achievable that is; therefore, right now I am just going to continue to concentrate on 176 ~ if I could ever break 182!!! Ugh, it's getting harder around here! I was on such a roll losing when I was in ketosis and now I am at a standstill!!!! I know the incentive plan is about weight training, but I think I need to one up my cardio - need to get on the "burn more fat" plan!!!