Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Big Day

I had such a great time at our wedding!!! That morning I got up early at my parents' house and had breakfast with them. (I'll have to get Michael to update how his morning went since he stayed with his parents). My aunt and uncle that had flown in from California were staying with my parents, too.

After breakfast we all started getting ready and when it was time to leave mother and I were giong ahead in the Excursion and daddy followed with his brother and his wife. We mistakingly took the longer of the routes to the church and I started to get a little panicky the closer we got b/c I realized we were going to be late for the pictures. Mother was getting really nervous (she does that!!) so I started singing and she and I sang the whole way! It was a great way to calm us both down! When we arrived at the church, we were actually only about ten minutes late - so there was no problem!

We started with all my pictures since Michael was going to be arriving soon and then I was ushered into the cry-room to hide while he took all his pictures! I always had someone in there with me until just before the beginning of the ceremony and then everyone left and I was all by myself and that's when I started to get very nervous for some reason. I don't know why, but I couldn't calm down. Then after a bit I heard the music going and all of a sudden I became very very calm and so excited and happy! It was so great!

Soon my parents came to get me and we started down the aisle! I couldn't remember anything from rehearsal which they told me would happen, but no worries, the Deacon and the Priest told us what to do all throughout the ceremony!!! And during Mass, Michael told me what to do (since I am not Catholic)!

When it came time to exchange our rings, Deacon Frank thought Michael's brother, the best man, was going to have both mine and Michael's rings - though he only had mine. When Deacon Frank asked if that was it, we weren't sure what he meant and nodded. After Michael put the ring on my finger, Deacon Frank ushered us over to light the Unity Candle. We were a little confused. I thought maybe he was going to do Michael's ring after we lit the unity candle, but no. He went to sit down, so we did, too (Catholic wedding - we sat through a lot of it). We realized then that he forgot or something and Elaine, my maid of honor, passed Michael's ring to me. I started to put it on Michael's finger, but didn't want to do it without saying vows. After the song ended, Deacon Frank got up. He had realized by now what had happened, but instead of explaining it all, he simply said that he had had a senior moment and forgot to do the other ring!!! It was all quite funny...and instead of having us walk back up on the alter, he came down to us and performed the other half of the ring ceremony!!! He apologized to us and hugged us both - it got quite the laugh from the audience, too!

Everyone has to have a "story" from their wedding - I knew right then that would be ours! And it was a sweet one, too!

The wedding pictures from the photographer can be see on her website: Candids by Holly. Click on View Events, Weddings, and search either by Girgis or Kubeczka! There are a lot of them, around 900, so either look at them a few at a time or when you have about an hour to kill!!!

Elaine also took some great pictures from the big day, too!!!

And if you were there and took some and don't mind sharing them, please let me know either by leaving a comment here, signing our guestbook, or emailing me! I would really appreciate it!

After the ceremony we were ready to relax and have a great time at the reception! And that is exactly what we did! Everyone says you don't remember a thing afterwards, so I made it a point to take in every little detail. I didn't want to forget a thing...and I haven't! We had so much fun and everyone I have talked to said the same thing! Everything was perfect...well almost!

We nearly had one little fiasco, but our friends Mary & Neil Smith (mother's neighbors) saved the day for me! I had left the house that morning leaving behind a CD that had the song that daddy and I were supposed to dance to. I called to see if anyone had a key to my parents' house, but everyone had already left and I didn't want anyone to have to go back. I thought maybe someone could just stop on the way and buy the CD again, but it was nowhere to be found. I thought I was just going to have to let the DJ choose another song and, though I was disappointed I wasn't going to let it ruin the evening.

After we got to the reception we started lining up to do the Grand March and all of a sudden mother handed me the CD. Mary and Neil had gone all over looking for it and when they couldn't find it came on to the wedding where they got a key to mom and dad's house and drove all the way back across Houston, got the CD, and brought it back in time for me and daddy to have our dance together!! I couldn't believe it! I was so happy and couldn't have thanked them enough!

It was a great day to get married and everything turned out so wonderful! Michael and I cannot say thank you enough to everyone that made it possible! We love you so much!

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