Ah...the weekend's over!

Monday, June 28, 2004
It isn't often that you'll see that remark here, but we worked out butts off this weekend!! It's nice to come back into the office to sit down for a while! LOL

I introduced Michael to a new restaurant - Mongolian Cafe. My parents and I used to go to one near their house, but there is also one down the street from my apartment. I went to this one a while back with friends (including Elaine & EJ)! I had been asking Michael to go there for a while, but he kept saying no - he isn't one to jump on trying new food!! But last night he finally said yes and he loved it!!!

Now, if you have never been, let me explain how mongolian cafe works. It's a buffet, but instead of filling your plate and returning to your table with it, you hand it over to the cook b/c the buffet trays are filled with raw food! You pick your rice or noodle (if you desire) and pile it as high as you would like with raw veggies and meats of your choice. Then at the end are about a dozen different choices for sauces for you to choose from! After you have created your own masterpiece, the chef takes it from you and cooks it all together and it is brought back out to your table!

Michael ended up making a couple trips through the line yesterday and admitted that all those times we passed it up he passing up a good eat!! He gave it two thumbs up and said we would be going back!

LOL - every type of food that he has said NO to at first and I eventually broke him down to try he has loved!!! Well, almost every food - I can think of one or two that he probably won't eat again, but for the most part he has discovered a whole new world of dining pleasures b/c I nagged him enough to try them!!!