9:32 am...and I am not awake!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004
I think I'll go get me a cup of coffee. I have been cleaning up my office all morning, getting it organized, and haven't really got any work done - but at leat I can see where it all is now! I have everything organized in stacks - usually with post it notes on each stack so I know what's going on with each one!! I need to work on my organization skills!

Close was yesterday. All through the holiday I kept thinking it was Tuesday for some reason, so coming back to work Tuesday I was rushing to get things done and then realized I had a whole other day to work on everything! It wasn't such a big deal b/c really I did most of it before I even left on Friday...but it gave me a chance to do some other things that needed to be done on Tuesday and concentrate just on close yesterday!

My office plants need some help. I think I have been over watering one of them...so I cut back on the water and honestly, it doesn't get any better. I have some miracle grow at the house. Maybe I'll bring that up here tomorrow and see if it doesn't perk them up. The ivy is actually alright, but my prayer plant is what really needs the attention. Maybe it needs to be repotted. It outgrew one pot already and the one it's in looks big enough. I just don't have a green thumb...I think I need to get Kim down here to work on it!