Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Thanks for the well wishes.

I am feeling much better today, which is good b/c I am really swamped today! It's end of the month so everyone around here is pretty busy.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Changing horses mid-stream...

Since I have been working out more these days I have noticed being on a low/no carb diet that I don't have any fuel to burn. The trainer got onto me about it once, though I quickly told her that I was eating veggies...she lightened a little.

Well, I have come to a decision - since I am working out more of course I could just introduce more carbs back into my diet, but some carbs seem to welcome more carbs, so...I have decided...after talking with Kimberly...that it's start counting points again!!

I have a point tracker on my PDA, which helps a lot and after being on low carb for so long I have learned a lot more about sugar and how it affects your body so that I'll be able to better avoid it - which helps to lower points as well. So, am I going to start eating pasta and bread with every meal??? No - what I have decided to do it only to have one a day, i.e. if I have a sandwich for lunch, then no more carbs (from bread, pasta, rice, potato, etc) for that day. I'll still have carb intake through fruits or vegetables, but I am going to limit those from white breads, rice, potatoes, b/c those are the evil carbs!!! They are the ones that make me crave more and more!

I notice that after a really hard workout I was beginning to feel faint and I know it was b/c my body's sugar level had dropped and on Atkins if you don't take supplements (which I don't), you can't replace those sugars with fruits b/c then you worry about whether or not your in/out of ketosis, etc. If I were not working out so much, I think I might stay on Atkins, b/c honestly it worked well for me - until my activity level rose, which is better for me anyway.

This isn't a license to splurge by any means. I am going to be very careful and conscious about what I eat - and counting points is a great way to track intake.

So far today, I have had 18 points (12 B'fast; 6 Lunch) - I have 4 to 9 left for dinner. Since Wednesdays are my hardest days in the gym I try to have a good breakfast those days, which are also our meeting days and we take turn bringing b'fast! Also, I won't miss bacon and eggs every morning for b'fast. I get creative with what I put in my eggs, but honestly sometimes the sight of any poultry product would start to make me nauseous after a while!

So...there you have it! I am taking my weight loss into a new direction! You know a lot of the low carb meals I used to eat are low in carbs, so even though it seems these two diets are at the opposites ends of the spectrum, in some ways they aren't! Low sugar = low carbs = low points!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Make the pain stop!!!

I haven't updated this week b/c I was busy yesterday and today I have a terrible sick headache...I promise that tonight if I am feeling better I'll post before going to bed.

I have a migraine...

I am better now than earlier. I can at least hold my head up now and I am getting better b/c I took some of my miracle drugs. One of my coworkers is out and there is a lot going on today so it is kinda hard for me to go home. I thought by lunch I would be able to leave, but my boss just came in with something, during lunch I am going to lay my head down, turn out my lights, and try to let this get better. I am munching on saltines right now b/c I am still a bit sick to my stomach from it. So, if it's quiet around here...that's why!

Ah...the weekend's over!

It isn't often that you'll see that remark here, but we worked out butts off this weekend!! It's nice to come back into the office to sit down for a while! LOL

I introduced Michael to a new restaurant - Mongolian Cafe. My parents and I used to go to one near their house, but there is also one down the street from my apartment. I went to this one a while back with friends (including Elaine & EJ)! I had been asking Michael to go there for a while, but he kept saying no - he isn't one to jump on trying new food!! But last night he finally said yes and he loved it!!!

Now, if you have never been, let me explain how mongolian cafe works. It's a buffet, but instead of filling your plate and returning to your table with it, you hand it over to the cook b/c the buffet trays are filled with raw food! You pick your rice or noodle (if you desire) and pile it as high as you would like with raw veggies and meats of your choice. Then at the end are about a dozen different choices for sauces for you to choose from! After you have created your own masterpiece, the chef takes it from you and cooks it all together and it is brought back out to your table!

Michael ended up making a couple trips through the line yesterday and admitted that all those times we passed it up he passing up a good eat!! He gave it two thumbs up and said we would be going back!

LOL - every type of food that he has said NO to at first and I eventually broke him down to try he has loved!!! Well, almost every food - I can think of one or two that he probably won't eat again, but for the most part he has discovered a whole new world of dining pleasures b/c I nagged him enough to try them!!!

Only Three Months To Go

I cannot believe we're within 100 days of the wedding! It's right around the corner!

Saturday, June 26, 2004


I installed Firefox today and can now see secure sites!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a browser problem - I don't know what, but I don't care b/c it's gone with firefox!!

I still can't get onto messenger at home, but I CAN get to my bank and to work and to gmail now - that was really the bigger issues!

I had been seeing people talk about it, but didn't really have any interest until I realize that was probably my problem after hearing from some of you!!

Thank ya! Thank ya very much!!!

Yay - I can browse freely at home again!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2004

I need tech help again...

I cannot access secure sites from my home computer. I am running ME and have searched for answers, but haven't found them yet. The sites that I currently cannot access are: my bank, work, hotmail (messenger), and now GMAIL...all are secure sites. I removed all the security that I had and installed Norton, but I still cannot get access to these sites. Everytime I try I get PAGE NOT FOUND.

I contaced Microsoft about messenger first b/c I thought it was just messenger, but now I see that it's all secure sites...

Any ideas???

It's Friday...

time for the happy dance!!

(thought I'd introduce a new one this week!!!)

I am sweating my butt off...literally!

Can you sweat off a pound in half an hour??? Before I worked out today I stepped on the scales and it said 183.5...not great, but at least maintaining...then headed into the gym from the locker room with book in hand and got on the EFX for fifteen minutes, then switched to the stair climber for 15 minutes. I think I must have looked like I had just come in from the rain. I was drenched. When I came back in the locker room I stripped, wrapped in a towel, and headed to the showers. On the way, just out of curiosity I stepped on the scale again ~ this time it said 182. That isn't possible, is it? Could I have produced a pound and a half of sweat??? YUCK! and YAY! even though it is water-weight! So...needless to say, I had a good workout!

Since I have been working out so much again, I have noticed that my sugar level is off. I get a bit dizzy at times and feel a little nausea, as if I am about to pass out. I know it's b/c I am not taking in enough carbs to burn so I have added a few back in to my diet. Last night I ate a peach and today I am having some crackers. Really I think the fruit is going to be the key for me, though. I remember getting light-headed like this after a hard workout and my mother would make me drink orange juice b/c my sugars had dropped so low. I think I'll stock up on berries - and they have them downstairs, too. I love berries and they are really good for you.

So, still low-carbing and doing well...but I can't do induction while I am working out daily.

Thursday, June 24, 2004


to a suggestion from Adry, I now have a new guestbook up at our wedding site! Yay...and thanks!

What a sweet surprise!

Michael came up today and took me out to lunch! I hadn't felt that great all morning and almost had decided to take today as my day off from the gym and take a nap when he called and said he was on the way!!

What a pick-me-up for the afternoon...Thanks sweetie!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Great workout today!

I did abs today at 11:30 and followed that with Low & Ball (20 minutes of low impact aerobics for cardio- vascular endurance/fat burning and 20 minutes of toning exercises using Resist-A-Balls and resistance equipment. 45 minutes. per the class description). The first part gets your heart rate way up and really works up the sweat then the second part really kicks your butt!!! I limped out!!! Ha Ha!

After showering I headed over to get some lunch - really I wanted the biggest glass of ice water that I could find! I was so thirsty. I didn't have any intentions of getting a hot lunch b/c I was still hot myself, but they had low carb pasta today so I took advantage. She gave me more than a serving size, I am sure, so I am only going to eat about half of it. It has chicken, too so I'll eat all of that and I have a side of cauliflower with cheese sauce on it.

Last night I made chicken fried steaks - on of Michael's favorites. I was just going to slow cook mine instead of battering and frying it, but a coworker told me to just put the egg batter on and no flour - that it would cook up crispy as if I had floured it. She was right! It was very good. A secret I'll have to remember for the future! I also made some gravy with about two tablespoons of flour for Michael's steak and yes, I put about a tsp of that on top of my own steak. We had fresh veggies from Michael's grandmother's garden for sides. Yummy!

Tomorrow is going to be my day off for exercise - we're going out for a b'day lunch to Olive Garden. Yeah, I know ~ Italian! There are ways around the pasta! I either order a chicken dish and ask the pasta to be replaced with veggies!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Wet Wednesday

Yeppers! It's still soggy out there!
I hope it gets nicer before the weekend, though!

Okay...a while back I made a

brief mention about a project that I was working on. Well...while it isn't 100% complete yet, I thought I would go ahead and roll it out to the public to see!!!

I had been working on it for a while - there are a couple pages that are still under construction, i.e. I don't have the info, pictures, etc, yet ~ and there are others that I am sure I'll add later that I haven't even thought about yet! Anyway...please go take a look! I have enabled comments in lieu of a guestbook. Hmmm...maybe I'll add a guestbook too for general comments! (Can ya recommend a reliable one??) I just thought this would be a great way to share our wedding with family and friends near and far! I hope you like it!

Without trying to sound conceited or anything,

I just have to say that I my blog!!! Ever since I have started blogging I would find this or that on another person's blog and say, "I wish I could do that..." ~ well, I have come to a point where I don't feel the need for anymore changes! On this blog and Jeans as well! Now, don't get me wrong, one day I may want to change up my template a little bit or change out some graphics, but as of this very moment I am completely content!

I don't have as many fans as other blogs, but then I am not as gifted as a writer as some others either! I love my loyal readers - it's like a close-knit little family!!! And Jeans has a pretty good family of readers, too - of course, I am keeping up with it more than before, too! I love the fact that it has evolved from trying to find some interesting story to tell, to just carrying on a conversation! Much of the time that's just how I view it ~ as if I am talking to friends, b/c in a way that's exactly what it is. I'll see people out who read and won't have to retell any stories if I haven't seen them in a while...we just pick up where the post left off!!!! **big grin**

The only thing I would like to add to Jeans is a graph to chart weight loss/progress ~ similar to what Yahoo! uses. I keep that one updated, but can't link it to my blog. Maybe I'll search within Yahoo! and see if they have a way that I could add it. those who read and are part of the conversation - Thanks! For those who read and don't leave comments - I hope you enjoy!

Every day is a new day! one (yesterday) was very good! Day one (today) has been very good. I have decided that I am going to treat every day as if it's day one all over again! That seems to be the best day b/c you're dedicated and gung ho about whatever it is that you're starting!

Yesterday actually was way low - I didn't eat b'fast, lunch was half eaten, and dinner was green beans and some's was a busy day yesterday! Today I had a good b'fast - bacon, eggs, tomatoes, cheese - all scrambled together. For lunch they were serving pan seared lean sirloin with jasmine rise, lettuce, tomato, and cucumbers...I asked for no rice and a couple extra cucumbers! Yum! (I'm still working on it as I write)...

I worked lower body in the gym today and then did fifteen minutes of cardio - I was way into a book and didn't really want to quit, but I still had to shower and get dressed and grab lunch. While I was down there a coworker spotted me and smiled and told me how proud she was that I was down there so much. She is a machine - and runs all the time. She invited me to run with them sometime after I told her I used to run.

I had mixed feelings about her support, though. Don't get me wrong, it was very much appreciated - just as all your support is - but there was something else. Back when I worked out regularly it wasn't a big deal for people to see me in the gym, b/c I was there all the time obviously, but now it was like, "Ah...I am so proud she is doing something about her body..." ~ now I know that isn't at all what she meant, and I don't feel that way anymore, but for an instant that's what raced through my mind. I have to be honest - I jumped to defend myself at first. I told her about playing basketball for eight years; varsity the last three years in high school; that I used to run two miles every night; that I was in the gym five mornings and at least two evenings during the week...she seemed so amazed. I would be, too I guess, b/c I don't look like that athletic girl anymore. It's really very depressing now that I can get winded going up three flights of stairs to Michael's apartment when I used to run every night and feel great when I was done.

Our diets seem to be focused on how we look or what size we're in a lot of times - but after talking to her today it made me think maybe it should be more about actually being in shape and in good health. I mean, 5'10" models all look wonderful, but how many of them could make it through one of Bonnie's abs classes or her step classes! OKay, maybe some of them are workout studs, but many of them are just waifs! I don't want to be a waif (not that I am afraid of becoming one), I just want to have stamina and strength as I lose weight, too!

Monday, June 21, 2004

I have been playing

with a dollmaker all moring (found at waterlily's) and thought I would share my results!! There was only one long hair that looked like mine, but I thought I would also play around with a shorter hair style, too! These things are so much fun, but so addictive!

Notice the common accessory they ALL share!?!?

Reason #126 to always keep spare batteries:

Last night Michael and I trekked out to pick up something to eat...when it was time to go, Michael clicked his keyless remote to disarm the alarm and nothing happened...Hmmm. OKay, try it again - you didn't hit the right button. Same response ~ nada! The battery in his keyless remote was dead. Now, my keyless remote has to visit the dealer if the battery dies, so my first thought was that we were basically screwed. Fortunately Michael's is different than mine and you can change the battery yourself...trouble is, we didn't have any spare batteries lying around.

We were at Sonic when this happened and down the road was a Randall's, so Michael started walking and I waited at the car. A while later he arrived, sweaty, with two brand new batteries. Yay! We're saved...well, we would have been, but they were the wrong size! Huh!?! About this time Michael's irritation threshold is nearing its peak, so I volunteered to make the second trip over to Randall's where I find they don't even carry the size that we needed. Sheesh!

So I call Michael and started back to Sonic, where I find him on the way to meet me...we turn around and walk further down to Kroger's where we finally found the darn battery and walk all the way back to Sonic to put it in the keyless remote! Finally!!!!! We had been parked there for over an over while we trekked up and down the highway - I even had some guy circle around and come up to me and ask me if I needed a ride ~ and what do we say when strangers offer us a ride???

It was hot and muggy and by the time we got back in the car we both looked like we had just run a marathon! Bleh! We were gross, but we had a working keyless remote so we were happy, though sweaty, campers!

Today is the first day of summer...

or the summer solstice, though I could have sworn it started about a month ago here in Houston. It's HOT! Well, actually more muggy than hot. It the humidity weren't so high out there it wouldn't feel that bad actually...I can take the heat more than the humidity. It's like being sealed up in a plastic bag or something.

Today when I went to work out there were people actually going outside to run in this...bleh! Have at it...I'll sweat indoors during this time of year thank you very much!

My weekends are killing me!

During the week I eat so isn't too hard. Then comes the weekend and I fall off. I had one biscuit and one small pancake and corn this weekend!!! I thought maybe I could just be on induction Monday through Friday and then "low carb" on the weekends, but looking back, what I had wasn't low carb either. I don't know why I have these ups and downs with my diet. I do so well for so long on induction and then all that hard work goes right out the window. And you know it isn't even so much that I crave any of's just more like, "It's there - Okay". It's like I lost that little thing inside my head that told me not to eat it. That told me to care about what it was going to do to my body!

Exercise is going well. I am in the gym at least four days out of the week. Today I did an abs class and then upper body. After this incentive program is over (which is this week) I am going to concentrate more on cardio than weight training. I'll still keep the weights in, but since I won't be trying to rack up as many points, I'll turn more of that energy over to cardio to burn fat.

I saw these this, I am not thinking of buying them to lose weight, but it reminded me to buy some mints or gum to keep in my purse. Mints always cut cravings for me...I guess b/c it would pacify the sweet craving and b/c it made other things taste funny! Ha ha!

Irregardless, I have been talking/writing about getting back on track and since it hasn't happened it just sounds more like whining now to me and who enjoys reading that!?!?

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Muggy Monday

The rain isn't falling now
It's just sticky and muggy out!

Friday, June 18, 2004

Here's a random observation for a Friday morning...

normally I get up and start getting dressed about 30 minutes before I have to leave for work. Yeah, I am rushed a bit, but I always get out the door in plenty of time and make it to work either on time or early. But on days where I get up extra early I am always late. Today I got out of bed an hour before I had to leave. I made some coffee, went out on my patio and watered my plants (my poor, neglected plants), skipped through a few channels on the TV while drinking my coffee, surfed a bit, read my email, and then looked at the clock and realized that I had to be out the door in fifteen minutes!! Unbelievable!

It's always like that with me, whether it's getting ready for work or anything else. If there is something that has to be done I work much better when I am under a tight timeline...when I have all the time in the world I tend to procrastinate even more. I know I have written about this before - at least I think I have.

When I have a project, whether it be here at work or when I was in college, in the beginning I might be all gung-ho (is that right) getting started on it. Then when I realize how much time I have I put it to the side...until about a week or so, depending on the project, before it's due ~ then I kick it into high gear and get it done! And usually done well!

I'm even that way with the wedding. The first three months or so, we were working on something every day - then after some of the major stuff got done, the plan sort of fell off. Now we're within four months (Wow - can you believe in four months we'll be married!!!) and we're back in high gear. Current tasks: Flower girl dresses & flowers!!!

So, I guess it isn't always bad to procrastinate, unless you don't work well under pressure. I find that I work better under pressure, so even though I know sometimes it drives those people around me crazy, I know that whatever it is I'll get it done on time...and done well!


Thursday, June 17, 2004

Ack...I hate it when that happens.

I was on my way to the bathroom, got side-tracked by a conversation, and came back to my office without going to the bathroom. I remembered when I noticed I was doing the pee-pee dance while I was on the phone. Guess I had better go now!

My weight is going the wrong way.

I haven't posted a lot eating is going the wrong direction; however, my exercise routine is really pickig up. Yesterday I went to abs and then followed that with an intense class that started with low impact step and then moved into a heavy strength training workout. I was drenched afterwards!

Instead of taking Friday off this week I took today to run around with a couple of coworkers. Tomorrow I'll be on legs and follow that with cardio.

My eating is a terrible matter. I haven't "fallen off the wagon" per se...okay, maybe I have. I am not eating pasta and cookies everyday, but I am definitely not in induction phase like I should be. It's frustrating. I don't know why is so hard to do the second (actually third) time around. The very first time I did induction (a year ago last May) I did so well...was very strict. And then when I started it this last time, again...very strict and saw a lot of progress. Now that that fourteen day cycle is over I just cannot get back on track! And my headaches are coming back and with them comes nausea and what better to eat when you're nauseous but salted, starchy things like crackers, breads, french fries - awful!

I don't know what's going to have to happen to get my butt in gear. I am seeing a lot of progress in my arms are even starting to get a lot of definition again - so pretty!!! And my legs, too. Maybe that has something to do with the scales - muscle does weigh more than fat, but I do know, too that my eating is not good these days.

WooHoo...I got a promotion

AND a raise!!!!! Climbin' that ladder! Hee Hee! What a great day to me! I knew it was time for our merit raises, but when I walked in to my boss' office he said, "Wait a minute ~ I left something off..." then wrote something on a sheet of paper...when he handed it to me I knew it was my raise info, but when I read the percentage and what he added I nearly screamed!!! It was twice what I got last year and he had written out my new title!! I was so excited...still am!

The promotion is more a title change than anything else really - a higher authority level, too, but 9/11 of this year will be my four year anniversary...(yeah, my anniversary is on 9-11). We (all the new hires that were a result of the merger) were promised to see some kind of action like this within three years. Well, three years came and went. I had a year and a half grandfathered into my vacation time b/c of past experience so I am at a five year vacation status this year - which is wonderful considering the fact that I'll be taking time off for wedding and honeymoon!

There is a lot of hush-hush going on around here today b/c we don't know who got promoted and who didn't and no one wants to ask - though, we're all doing it!!! So far I only know of me and one other to get the promotion. Of course everyone got a merit raise of some kind!

So...tonight I told Michael we need to go celebrate!!! Have a nice dinner or something! My coworker who got promoted as well said they were going to do the same tonight!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I'm back today...

took a day off yesterday to tend to some automotive hijinks w/ Michael!!! I'll fill in the details later - right now I am going downstairs to get some breakfast, I just wanted to say good (wet) morning and that I wasn't really MIA!

I think I need to just bite the bullet

and buy the bullet! (That wasn't corny!)

I love to watch infomercials...I don't know why. I never buy anything from them, though. Usually if it's something that really works it will be in the stores sooner or later. Well, Sunday I watched one for the Magic Bullet...and I want one!!! It's so cool...and I could so make some great low carb fixins with it! Mmmm...the chocolate mousse alone would be worth it (substitute chocolate syrup with cocoa and splenda maybe) - okay, maybe that alone isn't worth it, but I can see a lot of possibilities ~ guess that's the purpose of the infomercial, though, huh?!?! Means they did their job if I want to buy one!! LOL!!

UPDATE: I found it at another site for a tiny amount less ~ I'm sure it'll hit stores sometime, too and be even cheaper.

I cashed in some fitness points today.

I was going to buy some hand weights, but then realized that I could get some of these instead with my health points. Not only would that save me some $$$, but these are a lot more verastile than hand weights - there are a lot more exercises that I can do with them.

I worked our during lunch today - weights for the first half, then ten minutes of cardio, then ended with abs. When I talked to the trainer to get my tubes, I told her how I was wanting so badly to get back in her classes. She complimented me on the fact that I was just back in the gym and told me to take it one step at a time. She's right. I mean, I went from going five mornings a week and two afternoons (sometimes three) to not at all. It's hard b/c when I try to do what I did before, I can't...I physically cannot and it's very discouraging.

Tomorrow she has an interval class during lunch. My daily goal for tomorrow is to attend that class. It's a hi-low class - one that I remember enjoying when I was coming to her classes. I just have to get myself prepared for it ~ to realize that I am not going to be able to go the whole class without a problem. I'll probably have to take a 30 second break here and there to get on track...argh, that's going to be hard. She's a great instructor, though - I know she'll see me through until the end!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Come again another day...
It's raining cats & dogs out there!

Monday, June 14, 2004

Got breakfast and coffee and work started...

now I can fill ya in on the past three days! Oh, what a wonderful sound - three day weekend (even it yesterday was spent taking care of car troubles)!!!

Friday night Michael and I met up with some friends for dinner and then went out. We had a good time, but could definitely tell that we hadn't been out like that in a while b/c we were both so tired on Saturday. Michael had an early game (softball tournament) Saturday morning. I didn't make it to the first one, but I went shortly after - they didn't have a great tournament this time. I also had errands to run and a busy day scheduled. I had two b'day parties - one for my friend's little boy and another for one of my coworkers. Michael hadn't planned on joining me for either, but his schedule worked out so that he made it to the first one for a couple hours. It was a lot of fun. Lots of little kids running around! After that I dropped him off in time for his next game and then headed up to The Woodlands for the 2nd b'day party. This was an adult only party!! They had rented one of these! LOL - it was so much fun! It was hilarious, too - watching all these adults run and slide on this thing. And to make it more interesting, they added slippery stuff like baby oil and shampoo to the slide!!!! They also made jell-o shots, marinated watermelon (wink*wink), and sangria (one of my favorites) ~ grilled and had lots of munchins'!!! I only stayed a couple hours b/c I wanted to watch Michael play a little, too - but I had a great time! Definitely going back next year since this is an annual thing! After I left I went back to the ball park just in time to see Michael's last game. Afterwards we were both pretty wiped out so we just went home to clean up and rest a while and then went out to dinner.

Sunday both our mothers were coming over to go flower shopping for the wedding. Michael decided he would go with us so we all loaded up and went out. We managed to make it home just before the downpour!

Then yesterday evening after the rain had gone, we were heading to Michael's and his car quit - just poof, quit! His parents came out to help us figure out what was wrong. We ended up having it towed to his apartment. So, that's why I was out yesterday - we had it towed to the mechanics and since he was going to be afoot I stayed home and we took care of a bunch of errands and even took some time to play ~ went spent about an hour in his pool! It was so nice!!!

It's hard to wake up today, though. This weather is perfect napping weather!

Friday, June 11, 2004

I wanted to share my beautiful roses

that Michael brought me yesterday! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Just Gotta Do It

Okay...I was going down at 11:30 to workout - and then I didn't. It's noon now and I am going!

I really have to get back in the habit of working out first thing in the morning. It's too easy to have an excuse at lunch or in the evening!

Away I go...there is a stairclimber waiting on me!

Body Mass Index

According to this BMI calculator (Body Mass Index) to be normal I should weigh between 110 & 150. At my current weight, 182, not only am I overweight, I am clinically obese!! The first weight trainer I ever met with told me that I was obese at 170! current goal is 176 (20 pounds from the 196 I started with) - if/when I reach that I'll shoot for another 20 and hopefully make 150, which has been my secret goal all along. Don't know how achievable that is; therefore, right now I am just going to continue to concentrate on 176 ~ if I could ever break 182!!! Ugh, it's getting harder around here! I was on such a roll losing when I was in ketosis and now I am at a standstill!!!! I know the incentive plan is about weight training, but I think I need to one up my cardio - need to get on the "burn more fat" plan!!!

Virtual MishMish

From kdeweb I found this link to create a virtual model of me! Now, there are some variances, of course. Two main ones - I have bigger boobs and my thighs are bigger - I don't have that gap between my thighs like the model. I will one day, though!!

Actually, the side view shows a bigger stomach than I have...if you take that and put in on my thighs it might be closer to reality!!! LOL!

Anyway, I thought I would share what my virtual model turned out like!

The Big Day

I had such a great time at our wedding!!! That morning I got up early at my parents' house and had breakfast with them. (I'll have to get Michael to update how his morning went since he stayed with his parents). My aunt and uncle that had flown in from California were staying with my parents, too.

After breakfast we all started getting ready and when it was time to leave mother and I were giong ahead in the Excursion and daddy followed with his brother and his wife. We mistakingly took the longer of the routes to the church and I started to get a little panicky the closer we got b/c I realized we were going to be late for the pictures. Mother was getting really nervous (she does that!!) so I started singing and she and I sang the whole way! It was a great way to calm us both down! When we arrived at the church, we were actually only about ten minutes late - so there was no problem!

We started with all my pictures since Michael was going to be arriving soon and then I was ushered into the cry-room to hide while he took all his pictures! I always had someone in there with me until just before the beginning of the ceremony and then everyone left and I was all by myself and that's when I started to get very nervous for some reason. I don't know why, but I couldn't calm down. Then after a bit I heard the music going and all of a sudden I became very very calm and so excited and happy! It was so great!

Soon my parents came to get me and we started down the aisle! I couldn't remember anything from rehearsal which they told me would happen, but no worries, the Deacon and the Priest told us what to do all throughout the ceremony!!! And during Mass, Michael told me what to do (since I am not Catholic)!

When it came time to exchange our rings, Deacon Frank thought Michael's brother, the best man, was going to have both mine and Michael's rings - though he only had mine. When Deacon Frank asked if that was it, we weren't sure what he meant and nodded. After Michael put the ring on my finger, Deacon Frank ushered us over to light the Unity Candle. We were a little confused. I thought maybe he was going to do Michael's ring after we lit the unity candle, but no. He went to sit down, so we did, too (Catholic wedding - we sat through a lot of it). We realized then that he forgot or something and Elaine, my maid of honor, passed Michael's ring to me. I started to put it on Michael's finger, but didn't want to do it without saying vows. After the song ended, Deacon Frank got up. He had realized by now what had happened, but instead of explaining it all, he simply said that he had had a senior moment and forgot to do the other ring!!! It was all quite funny...and instead of having us walk back up on the alter, he came down to us and performed the other half of the ring ceremony!!! He apologized to us and hugged us both - it got quite the laugh from the audience, too!

Everyone has to have a "story" from their wedding - I knew right then that would be ours! And it was a sweet one, too!

The wedding pictures from the photographer can be see on her website: Candids by Holly. Click on View Events, Weddings, and search either by Girgis or Kubeczka! There are a lot of them, around 900, so either look at them a few at a time or when you have about an hour to kill!!!

Elaine also took some great pictures from the big day, too!!!

And if you were there and took some and don't mind sharing them, please let me know either by leaving a comment here, signing our guestbook, or emailing me! I would really appreciate it!

After the ceremony we were ready to relax and have a great time at the reception! And that is exactly what we did! Everyone says you don't remember a thing afterwards, so I made it a point to take in every little detail. I didn't want to forget a thing...and I haven't! We had so much fun and everyone I have talked to said the same thing! Everything was perfect...well almost!

We nearly had one little fiasco, but our friends Mary & Neil Smith (mother's neighbors) saved the day for me! I had left the house that morning leaving behind a CD that had the song that daddy and I were supposed to dance to. I called to see if anyone had a key to my parents' house, but everyone had already left and I didn't want anyone to have to go back. I thought maybe someone could just stop on the way and buy the CD again, but it was nowhere to be found. I thought I was just going to have to let the DJ choose another song and, though I was disappointed I wasn't going to let it ruin the evening.

After we got to the reception we started lining up to do the Grand March and all of a sudden mother handed me the CD. Mary and Neil had gone all over looking for it and when they couldn't find it came on to the wedding where they got a key to mom and dad's house and drove all the way back across Houston, got the CD, and brought it back in time for me and daddy to have our dance together!! I couldn't believe it! I was so happy and couldn't have thanked them enough!

It was a great day to get married and everything turned out so wonderful! Michael and I cannot say thank you enough to everyone that made it possible! We love you so much!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

How We Met

Michael and I met on January 11th, 2003 - I had been invited by some friends from college to go out to a birthday party at SRO's. Now, when people ask I don't tell them we met at a sports bar - I simply say we met through friends!!! Those friends just happened to be at a sports bar!!

The birthday party turned out to be for Michael and another friend of his. When Michael came in he was introduced to me and then later my friend told me how sweet and nice and polite he was! I don't think they had intentions on setting us up, though. Later she told me that Michael wanted to be re-introduced to me, but the guys wanted to know first if I would go out with him or not...I guess if I had said no they weren't going to introduce us again!!!

Needless to say, I said that I would probably go out with him. He was cute and seemed nice, though he hadn't spoken a word to me since he walked in! So...a while passed and we still hadn't been "re-introduced" and I was beginning to wonder if he really had said he wanted to talk to me at all! Next thing I knew my friend asked me to dance so that he could cut in on Michael and his dance partner! LOL! After that we danced the rest of the night - I think b/c there was less pressure to talk than if we had just been sitting at a table together. Michael didn't even really ASK me to dance after that...when he wanted to dance he would just walk by, grab my hand, and out on the dance floor we went! We talked very little and finally he did ask if I would want to go out with him sometime - later he actually pulled me to the other room to get my phone number and talk a little bit!

We went out about three days later and then then following weekend went out with the couple that I went to SRO's with...and that was it! We have seen one another every day since, of course with the exception of deer season! I know already that I'll be a deer-widow when the season comes around every year!!!

Now that the wedding planning is going on I decided to set up this site for family and friends afar to feel like they are here with us...and of course for my own personal online wedding album.

Please feel free to use the links on the left-hand column to navigate through our wedding! Have fun and leave comments wherever you desire!!!

Tech help needed!!

I have the two following bits of code for two of my sites - to show an image when hovering over a link.

Here's the question! It appears that the image only appears on links that have already been visited ~ is that correct??? Shouldn't it appear on ALL links when hovering?? I haven't noticed that on other sites before, though so I don't really know!


For Jeans:
a:hover {color: #3399ff; background-image: url(; text-decoration: none;}

For Daily Venting:
a:hover {color: #ff6600; background-image: url(; text-decoration: none; font-weight:bold}

No soup for you!

Well, I didn't make the soup yesterday, but the ribs were delicious - I only ate one b/c I munched on pork skins while they were cooking!!! The cravings have been back since the weekend - only today are they starting to get better - I sound like an addict in rehab or something! And I notice that, like before, I am hungry, but when I get my food I am full after just a little bit of it.

I didn't have breakfast today so by lunch I was getting hungry. I had a ceasar salad w/ some raw cauliflower and most of the went into the garbage. I also had a side of steamed brocoli with cheese. That I was a little bland, though.

I worked out during lunch and am so thirsty now. I got a to-go packet of crystal light peach tea and sprinkled a bit of it in my water - just to change the flavor slightly! Yummy!

Tonight I must go grocery shopping. I don't have any groceries in the house! If Michael wants to go I'll wait on him and we'll both go; otherwise, I guess I'll just hit the grocery store on the way home. I have been putting off going for too long!

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I am Demeter

Animal: Cow
Color: Light brown

Demeter is a mother figure, one of the most "reachable" goddesses. She is a goddess of fertility and crops, associated with grain and bread.

Demeter's daughter Persephone was stolen by Hades. Furious, Demeter caused the natural crop cycle to be disrupted until Hades finally returned her daughter.

Demeter is strong and loving, willing to do what has to be done in order to protect her loved ones.

Which Greek Goddess are you?

(found at Azzy's)

Tonight will be a good soup night!

Today is going to officially be day one all over again. After the Chai revelation yesterday the only way to get back on track is to go 100% induction again - and maybe stay on it this time for more than 14 days, but 14 days is still going to be my "goal" b/c it's easier to look at it in the short term ~ seems more accomplishable (is that a word??).

Michael marinated some ribs yesterday that I think he is going to grille tonight. That sounds really good, but I am also in the mood for some soup since it is so soupy outside!

Read on for the recipe (to make it low carb for me I just forego the tortillas in my bowl)!

Monday, June 07, 2004

I was reading one of

Nina's posts about washing her son's hair and it made me think about how mother used to wash my hair when I was a little girl.

She used to put me up on the counter so that I could lay down with my head in the sink, with a towel on the edge of the sink to go under my neck. Then she would hold my head up so that it wouldn't hurt my neck and turn my head from side to side under the faucet and then use the sprayer to get the hair on th back of my head. Remember now, I have a lot of hair and it was even longer when I was little than it is now!!!

Then she would scoot me back down a little bit so that my head could partially rest on the towel and she would start scrubbing my hair and my scalp with her long fingernails! After it was all lathered up real good, I would scoot back up to get my head under the faucet enough so that she could rinse out the shampoo and then it was repeated with the conditioner. I used to love to get my hair washed b/c it was so relaxing! Even back then I knew how to appreciate relaxing moments!!!

Afterwards she would towel off my hair and then IT would always happen. She would sit me up on the stool and commence to coming out my locks! Now, even though she used conditioner there would always be one or two places where the comb didn't just slide on through as easy as pie...remember ~ long, thick, curly hair - what do you expect. So, I would grit my teeth and listen to my grannie telling me, "Beauty knows no pain..." Bullsh*t - it was PAINFUL!! So much for relaxing! That was in the past - now it was time to endure!!!

LOL - when I was older and able to take care of my hair on my own the torture of combing it out wasn't nearly as bad! I learned to condition my hair better and comb easier so that it wasn't an upleasant experience!!! Today I hardly ever have tangles, thank goodness!

Sorry for the silence yesterday!

I am working on a new project and any internet time I had yesterday went to that, with the exception of one post on Jeans! Nope, sorry...can't tell you about the new project, but once I have it where I want it for public view I'll post about it!

We had a good weekend. Friday night we went to see HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban - it was really good, but since I have read all the books I didn't want it to end when it did. I was like, " didn't show this..." and then realized that was from the next book!!! It was Michael's first experience with HP - it wasn't really his speed, but he didn't complain. I was very happy that he took me!

Saturday morning I got up and came back to The Woodlands to a Stampin' Up scrapbook workshop. Kathy was there as a demonstrator and Elaine came, too. It was a lot of fun!! I don't know that I'll use stamps in my scrapbooks, but I definitely want to learn how to make cards ~ specifically Thank You, Birthday, & Thinking of You cards. I don't have the time to make cards in bulk and these three would be good to learn b/c I would only be making a few a month as opposed to invites or Christmas cards that I would have to have so many of!

After the workshop was over Michael and I went to eat and then drove to the casino for a little while. We didn't hit it big, but we had a good time!!! Sunday we had to be at a friend's house early to help them move. We were doing that from about 10:00 am until 5:00 pm - needless to say I was hot, sweaty, tired, and achy!!!! Definitely a workout, though! Sunday night we took it easy and watched game one of the finals.

It was a very busy weekend!!! Yesterday things were pretty busy around here and I think that along with this change in weather we're experiencing triggered another headache for me. Thankfully it didn't last as long as some - I took my medicine and by the time the evening came around it was bearable! Today things are going a little slower. It is so dark outside - I am sure tonight's softball game is going to be cancelled.


Yay - our honeymoon has been booked!!! Thanks to our travel agent (daddy) we have a glorious cruise planned for the week after our wedding!

We'll be leaving out of New Orleans on October 3rd onboard the Carnival Conquest. During the cruise we'll be going to Montego Bay, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, & Cozumel, Mexico. I can't I need to start putting together a list of what we have for the trip, and what we'll need to go shopping for!


Well, we're back and we had a great time! We didn't get to make it The Caymans, b/c Hurricane Ivan messed it up pretty badly, so we spent more time in Jamaica and Cozumel and they even gave us a little spending money to compensate! The ship was beautiful and the service was so wonderful! We had beautiful weather until the last 12 hours home and then it started getting a little rough, otherwise it was perfect! Michael and I are ready to go back!!!!

After the reception the limo took us to my parents where a change of clothes and my jeep fully packed was waiting on us! After we raided mother's fridge, we headed off to Lake Charles - our half way point on the way to New Orleans! When we arrived the hotel told us they didn't have a room for us. I had booked it through the casino and since their own hotel was full they were going to put us up across the street - um, they forgot to send our names over or something. So...we were sent back to the casino and they gave us a room there. A very nice room, too! And yes, we ended up going to the casino for about an hour!

The next morning we were up and eating b'fast around 9:00 and on the road to the Port of New Orleans to board the ship! We were on board around 1:30 - it took about an hour or a little more once we got there, but we were constantly moving so it wasn't bad at all! And the fun started before we even sailed (at 6:00)! Michael was so impressed with everything...and so was I! It was beautiful and they had everything ready for us to go! It was so relaxing!

The picture above was taken while we were at Passion Island in Cozumel. Here's a link to all the pictures if you would like to see them! Please feel free to leave comments and sign the guestbook here!

Wedding Party

Maid of Honor ~
Elaine Mesker-Garcia (best friend)

Bridesmaids ~
Hailey Stanley Wooden (niece)
Amanda Stanley (niece)
Ashley Williamson (long time friend)
Alice McKay (long time friend)

Flower Girl ~
Kaydi Smith (great-niece)

Best Man ~
Steven Kubeczka (brother)

Groomsmen ~
Christopher Kubeczka (brother)
Jason Kubeczka (cousin)
Sean McKay (long time friend)
Willie Whittington (long time friend)

Ring Bearers ~
Jordan Wisnoski (cousin)
Parker Williamson (Ashley's son)

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Two Parties - One Weekend

B'day party for Kim & Parker
Saturday, June 12th
Gonna be a busy day!

Never, EVER Assume

You knot that old say, "You know what happens when you assume???" - well, I made an ass out of myself! I love, love, LOVE it! And I get them Breve (half and half instead of whole milk) at Starbucks. Until now I hadn't looked up the nutritional information about Chai...well, I should have. It won't direct link, but you can look up Starbucks nutritional info here and when you look up a Grande Chai Breve you'll see that it has 49 Carbs!!!!! HOLY COW!!! No wonder I have been craving carbs! I have had three of these babies since Saturday! One each day! Well, no more. Gonna go back to good ole reliable coffee w/ cream!

So, induction has to start completely over for me otherwise I am going to have to deal with these cravings and that would more than likely lead to cheating. I can't officially say that today is Day 1 of another 14 days of induction b/c I had the chai this morning, but the rest of the day has to be carb free and tomorrow will officially be day 1 again!

Now, I am off to get some water - 16 out of the 64 I'll have at work ~16 b/c I haven't gone down to get my 32 ounce cup. I'll get it at lunch to finish off the day with.

On a better note...I got in a great weekend workout! Some friends moved out to Alvin yesterday and we worked from 10:00 am until 5:00 yesterday evening moving them. It was hot and we were walking back and forth from the truck down the sidewalk (wasn't close) and up a flight of stairs! Sheesh - that was better than the stair master for working up a sweat. Needless to say, I was nasty by the end of the day. All I wanted to do was go home and lie down. I'm a litte sore today, but not too bad. I am glad I had started the incentive program at the gym when I did!!

Friday, June 04, 2004

Engagement Party

A great picture of the Michael & me with our parents!Our engagement party was so much fun!!! It was on May 8th at my sister Teresa's house! They grilled chicken and sausage and had brisket with all the trimmings and a beautiful cake! They also had a few surprises for Michael and me to wear!!! We had a really good turn out and I think everyone had a great time! Everything was pink and red and white ~ my colors! Hailey said she tried to find the most obnoxiously bright pink flowers for my bouquet, turns out they were the same color as my outfit!!

Even though we had been in the "planning process" since February, the party made things feel like they were really starting! It was the first real event for is since we got engaged and I think it was a great success.

Thanks to everyone who helped put it all together for us! The rest of the pictures from the party can be seen here!


We had three very lovely showers!!! (Lovely seems an appropriate word for showers, doesn't it??) I have given several showers for friends in the past, but it is a lot different being on the receiving side! I had a great time at all of them and I hope everyone else did as well!

The first one was held August 21st at Elaine's house. She was a hostess along with all my other bridesmaids! This shower was mostly for all my friends and coworkers and we had a lot of fun! They played a great game there - my mother brought about a dozen pictures of me throughout my life and they got passed around the room and everyone had to guess my age or the year! They also asked a lot of questions about me - to see how well my friends knew me!!! I think my sister won that one!

Our second shower was held on August 22nd - yeah, it was a busy weekend! This one was for Michael's side of the family. His two aunts were the hostesses, but they had a lot of help, too! It went really well and Michael came for the last half of this one. I got introduced to so many people that day that it made my head spin!!! I just hope when I see them again they don't think I am rude if I cannot recall all their names!!!! I think we got almost everything we registered for that had to do wtih camping at thisshower and Michael's mother made a great scrapbook of his life, too.

Our last shower was held September 11th in Broaddus. This one was thrown by my two sisters, my two nieces (who are bridesmaids), my aunt, and a lady that I have known all my life. It was held in our home church in Broaddus that I grew up in. Michael stayed through all of this one and I am glad he was a lot more entertaining that way! Hailey asked me a lot of questions about Michael and if I got them wrong I had to chew a piece of bubblegum - big pieces of bubble gum. I think I only missed about six, but I had a mouthful of gum!!! I guess I deserved that one b/c I did the same thing to her at her shower! But what wasn't as deserved was what she did to me when I first came in!!!! She had laid out all possible ingredients for a scratch cake and in five minutes I had to put together a cake and get it in the oven without a recipe!!!! I was so nervous - but it was a great shower game. I cannot wait to use it on someone else!!! Ha Ha Ha! (Good one Hailey!) Not only did I have to bake it, though - Michael and I had to taste it!" Honestly, it wasn't terrible. It was more like a sweet biscuit though than a cake!

All three of our showers were a lot of fun and Michael and I have more than enough to set up house, that's for sure!

Thank you so much to all of the hostesses - you all did a great job and Michael and I really appreciate it!

Ashley, Amanda, Me, Elaine, & Hailey Margie, Me, & Joyce Amanda, Me, Aunt Elaine, Mrs. (Sutton) Wilkerson, Teresa, Donna, Hailey, & Abigail

(All the showers pictures are here.)

The Proposal

Michael proposed to me on Valentine's Day! We had planned to go out to the Galleria and go ice skating and then have dinner. He had told me that he forgot my present at his house so we would have to make a stop by there before going out to dinner.

We arrived at the Galleria early so that we could stop by the waterwall and just hang out and take some pictures - which can be found here, along with the pictures from dinner that night. We hadn't been there long - took a few pictures and had someone else take a picture of us together after we took their was freeezing!!! Michael had forgot his jacket when he came over that morning so he had borrowed one of mine. After a while of silence, just staring up at the water and holding one another (b/c it was sweet & b/c it was so cold, ha ha) Michael turned me around and said, "You know I didn't bring you down here for nothing..." and I couldn't breathe! I had thought about when we would get engaged, but when it really happened it was almost like it wasn't real.

Michael pulled a small box out of the pocket of his jacket and went down to one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes...after a few moments of not being able to talk! I couldn't believe we were actually getting married. I mean, we had been talking about it for most of the year that we had been together, but now it was really happening and I couldn't have been happier!

I asked him who all knew and he told me our parents and his brothers knew...he had gone to my parents' house the day before and spent about an hour and a half there talking to them, which thoroughly impressed my father of course!

So...that weekend we made plans to have dinner with both of our parents and the next week we set the date - October 2nd, which also happens to be Grannie and PawPaw's anniversary as well as PawPaw's parents' anniversary! So, it's a great date to get married obviously!

I have gotten away from memes,

but this one was really interesting!

Copy/paste and answer the following questions in the comment box (please):

1. Who are you?
2. Have we ever met?
3. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.
4. Describe me in one word.
5. What reminds you of me?
6. If you could give me anything, what would it be?
7. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?
9. Are you going to put this on your weblog and see what I say about you?
10. What do you love like a fat kid loves cake?
11. What makes you come back here?

found at Emily's

Time to buckle down!

I haven't fallen off the wagon - I told you how I ate this weekend - but I have been static (weight wise) at 182 since May 27th! Not even 1/2 pound gone!! So, today I am getting as serious about my water intake as I have been about induction and am going to track it daily as I did with my induction posts.

Goal: To drink two 32 ounce cups of water during the work day...and anything more at night will also be tracked. 64 ounces - that's 8 cups. That is what we're told we're supposed to drink, right?!?! I have set this goal before...though my approach was a little different. We have 32 ounce cups downstairs and in the mornings I get one (sometimes just ice water, sometimes with Crystal light) - I figure if I can finish one before lunch then I can refill it at lunch and finish it before the day is over. Otherwise, I can drink it on the way home!

That's a reasonable & attainable goal! I just have to stick with it and writing about it daily like I did with induction should help. I haven't drank nearly enough water over the past few weeks!

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Scrapbook Day

The Woodlands @ 9:30 - 3:30
Grogans Mill & Lake Robbins

Still testing

my new sticky notes!


my new sticky notes!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

9:32 am...and I am not awake!

I think I'll go get me a cup of coffee. I have been cleaning up my office all morning, getting it organized, and haven't really got any work done - but at leat I can see where it all is now! I have everything organized in stacks - usually with post it notes on each stack so I know what's going on with each one!! I need to work on my organization skills!

Close was yesterday. All through the holiday I kept thinking it was Tuesday for some reason, so coming back to work Tuesday I was rushing to get things done and then realized I had a whole other day to work on everything! It wasn't such a big deal b/c really I did most of it before I even left on Friday...but it gave me a chance to do some other things that needed to be done on Tuesday and concentrate just on close yesterday!

My office plants need some help. I think I have been over watering one of I cut back on the water and honestly, it doesn't get any better. I have some miracle grow at the house. Maybe I'll bring that up here tomorrow and see if it doesn't perk them up. The ivy is actually alright, but my prayer plant is what really needs the attention. Maybe it needs to be repotted. It outgrew one pot already and the one it's in looks big enough. I just don't have a green thumb...I think I need to get Kim down here to work on it!

My honey brought me flowers last night!

Michael walked in yesterday with beautiful, bright, fuschia roses!! I had never seen any such a gorgeous vibrant color before! I was going to bring them with me to work this morning, but decided to enjoy them at home! Maybe I'll bring them tomorrow!! Isn't he a sweetie!?!?

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Pictures from this weekend,

as promised, can be found here! But here are a few of my favorites:

This is how we cut grass in East Texas
Michael hard at work

$70 later and you don't have to tell me twice not to buy something so big!!!

I'm talking about my parents' Excursion - I have had it since Thursday and just switched back with my mother. They are ready to get rid of it, too ~ but it is going to be needed come October when all my daddy's brothers and families are here for our wedding; otherwise, they would be selling it now! They have had it a couple years and really liked it. It came in handy on long trips and they have mother's Lincoln for running around now daddy has a little work truck, I think it's a Ranger. So, they don't really drive it anymore except up to East Texas b/c they always have it loaded down with stuff!

We were taking too much for my jeep this weekend so we borrowed it...ugh, next time we'll pack lighter!!! It incredibly comfortable for those trips...everyone had so much room and I definitely felt safe in it. Nothing was crammed anywhere at all and the pups had more than enough room to ride in their kennels. It was coming back into town that was awful. This morning driving through the parking garage the antenna kept hitting the directional signs on the ceiling - it did that Thursday, too but I had forgot and it startled me this morning driving in to park!! LOL!

My jeep has lots of space - after we start having children it might start to feel cramped, but in the meantime I am loving it! And I'm love the 20+- miles per gallon that it gets!!!! We spent $70 this weekend going to and from East Texas plus driving around while we were there! Whoa! Yep, no wonder they quit making them, they aren't economical! But my soon-to-be brother-in-law's truck get even worse mileage than the excursion - I think that has something to do with the big tires that are on it - and I think he might be doing something about that, but still, at $2.00/gallon I will pack to the roof from now on to stay in my jeep!!! :)

Okay, that's enough whining about the Excursion - I have to say a big thanks to my parents for letting us use it, though - it really did make a super comfortable trip up to the country!

We had a great time this weekend...we saw a lot of family (niece's graduation) and went to see a movie (I heard it got bad reviews, but I really liked it!), we fished and swam, grilled, and even worked a bit! I have pictures to post...we mowed and weed-eated at my parents' place and put together a television stand - I took pictures of all this in case no one wanted to come back I would have the pictures to prove why!!! I don't think that is the case as all, though. Everyone had a really good time - we're all a couple shades darker from spending all day Sunday and Monday outside, too! The lake was a bit cool still upon first getting in, but after a couple minutes it felt really good and especially when we got out and were in the heat again! I didn't take my camera to the lake (didn't want to risk getting it wet), so I don't have pictures from the water, but there are plenty others! While we were on the lake Michael's brother found an arrowhead ~ now for those of you who don't know, this is a really big deal! A big deal to me b/c my brother has hundreds of them and I was with him when he found a lot of them, but ask me if I ever found ONE!! Nope! Not one! Even when he threw them on the ground in front of me. Christopher is on the lake for the first time for all of five minutes and finds one! How unfair and lucky is that!?!? I could not believe it. We went down to the water and were there for five minutes (I swear) when we walked up to me with one in his hand! Unbelievable!

I also got in touch with an old friend this weekend that I hadn't talked to much over the past couple years...that was a really good thing from the weekend! I asked her to keep in touch (if you're reading I really hope you do) - and promised that I would do a better job as well! Old friends are a rare isn't easy to keep up with everyone b/c of our busy lifestyles, but an occasional email that says hello roars wonders!

The family issue that I ranted about is still going on, but I have decided to just distance myself from the whole situation. I did what I thought was the right thing to do, tried to help out where I thought my help would be appreciated, but after this weekend and the actions of others it is so obvious that I was seen as nothing more than a petty intruder to be squashed and disregarded. It is sad, but is also something that I am not going to let bother me at all anymore. I know that my heart was in the right place and even though people may draw their own conclusions about my actions and motives, I stand by that! I do know that my children will not be brought up that way - they will learn to see acts of love and kindness for what they are and appreciate the people that love them enough to be there for them and offer up their love and support.

Enough of that...I have whined about two things in this post, but please don't let that lead you to believe there was anything negative about this weekend. Those things were put out of my mind immediately. There was too much fun to be had (and was had) to let anything bring it down! When we got back home we were all pretty much exhausted, but still had running around to do. After we got everything where it needed to be we all cleaned up and decided to have dinner together and just relax for a bit. Now it's back to our regular routine and traffic!!!!

I hope you're holiday weekend was wonderful, too!