Yay! I made it through two solid weeks of induction!

Monday, May 31, 2004
Friday on the way out of town I made a stop at the grocery store so that I would be sure to have low carb snacks this weekend. I knew that if everyone else was snacking on chips and what-not that I would want a snack of my own! So, I got some low carb bars, pork rinds, sour cream and a ranch dip packet, an Atkins shake, some low carb milk, a new low carb cereal, and plenty of salad and veggies! Mother took care of all the meat we had for the weekend...brisket, sausage, and chicken! I also bought chips and cookies for everyone else.

So, how did I do? Quite well! I don't think I'll buy anymore of the low carb milk - I didn't really like the taste of it and since I really don't drink the milk out of my cereal bowl, I don't think the few tablespoons of whole milk that I get in my cereal are going to ruin me! I'll finish this half gallon that I bought, though. It is too expensive to waste. The cereal was delicious, though! Did I cheat at all this weekend?? Ummm...once, or twice. My aunt made a tray of brownies and when she brought them over I didn't touch them...but later that evening I did have one small one! And Friday and Saturday I drank only water b/c my mother kept pre-sweetening the tea (everyone else like it that way), but on Sunday I drank some sweet tea. And for dessert one night I cut up strawberries for everyone to eat with cool-whip. I did have one strawberry with cool-whip.

So, it isn't like I went out and had an all-you-can-eat pasta bar or anything, but all that was cheating. I made it through Day 14 at least...and I am NOT getting off induction either. All of that was on Sunday - then on Monday I was very strict again...so I am going to call Monday Day 1 of the next two week period of induction. I think if I approach it in two week increments I will do a better job of sticking with instead of looking forward to a whole month of it...just take it two weeks at a time, but really focusing on it daily!

This morning I went downstairs and had two eggs scrambled w/ bacon, cheese, mushrooms, and tomatoes...and a crystal light to wash it all down.