Thanks everyone for putting up with my rant yesterday...

Wednesday, May 26, 2004
and for your comments! You just get to a point where enough is enough. I know that every family has their own drama, so I am sure everyone out there understands! Today has been a much better day - I am sure somewhat b/c I got that off my chest yesterday and was able to enjoy the rest of my evening b/c I felt like a weight had been lifted.

I keep a private written journal (which I have posted about before), but this time I felt that writing it in private wasn't the thing to do. I wanted to be able to hear feedback from everyone on it this time. So many times families just want to sweep things under a rug and pretend everything is perfect and I think that's where a lot of this drama originates to be honest. I don't have to give out our private details to get my point across - so I haven't embarrassed or shamed any family members in my post.

Okay...enough of that! We have a great week ahead of us...tonight we're going to a crawfish boil at my parents' house, tomorrow night we're going to Michael's parents' house for dinner, then Friday I am taking off a bit early and Michael and I and his brother and girlfriend are heading up to East Texas for a three day weekend and to attend my niece's graduation. Unfortunately it fell on the same weekend as a wedding here in Houston, but even though we squabble - family is always family (and it didn't have anything to do with the graduate)!!