Friday, May 07, 2004

OKay, I could rehash the last episode of FRIENDS,

but b/c I was a bit disappointed in it, I'll just let you read this great article that I found, which about sums it all up!! I had a lot of fun, though - I hosted a FRIENDS Finale Party at my place for some of my girlfriends, including Elaine and Kim! It was great to get together with everyone!

After everyone left I cleaned up the kitchen and watched Leno. I never watch the Tonight Show, but since it was on thet set of Friends and the entire cast was going to be there, I thought I would watch it. I wasn't too sleepy yet so I figured I could last! First the guys came out, then the girls, then everyone wasn't long until I was disappointed in that, too and just turned it off and went to bed. They all just acted like they didn't want to be there. Sorry...I was just a big Friends fan, have been since it started a decade ago and I felt like the fans got jipped a bit! They only did half a season - the other half was all repeats! I just hoped they would really go out with a band instead of half-assing it.

OKay...enough of my silly sitcom rant!

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