Low Carb Lunch

Thursday, May 20, 2004
Well, I didn't make it to Quiznos...instead I had a Subway Salad - spinach and chicken w/ sweet honey mustard dressing and a bag of Doritos Edge (I couldn't find a site strictly for these, but I found releases about it). They have six grams of net carbs per bag. They are really good, too!!! The salad is good, but one thing is for sure...the chicken they put on your salad isn't anything like that in the picture. Looks or amount-wise! Honestly though, with the way my appetite is, the chips are enough to satisfy me. I ate about a third of my salad before I decided that I had had enough.

I also made a trip by Wal-Mart to stock up on my low/zero carb chocolate snacks from these brands:
Atkins Endulge
Z Carb
Pure Delite

One thing about eating low carb, though...it isn't always low price!! On my most recent trip to fill my snack drawer I spent $22 - all of which were single items except these - I bought a whole box, which was $5.00. The site says $18.00 - I sure hope that isn't for the same box that I bought today at Wal-Mart, though!