Last night was fun, but expensive!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004
I was looking forward to going over to my parents' last night, not only b/c we were having a crawfish boil, but b/c I didn't have to cook!! Hee hee...we stayed later than we had planned so we were already tired when we left to come back to my apartment.

Since we're going out of town this weekend and taking two dogs in two big kennels and Michael's brother and girlfriend, our stuff, plus their stuff, my daddy let us use his excursion, b/c there just wouldn't be enough room in my jeep for everything and everyone! So...last night we left my jeep there and brought the excursion home.

Now you have to understand some things before I tell you why last night was so expensive. We don't use the front or back doors at my apartment - they both remain locked and deadbolted at all times b/c we come and go from the garage. Michael has the remote for the garage and I have it programmed into my jeep. When we left to go to my parents' we left Michael's car in the garage and closed it with the buttons in my jeep - built into my jeep, not a remote we can take out!

So, when we're getting ready to leave mother's with their excursion I realized that there was no way for us to get into the garage b/c I couldn't take the controls out of my jeep. This happened once before a long time ago and somehow, with the use of a knife, Michael was able to slip open the latches on one of my windows with little or no effort - this was disturbing, but given the circumstances last night, I was hoping it would be as easy this time or we would be out on the curb all night.

So...arriving at my place around 10:00 we head around to the patio to break in through one of my windows - ugh, this time our cat-burglaring skills don't pay off. We tried all four windows and couldn't get in. This should be a good thing, given the fact that I don't want someone else to be able to break in to my apartment, but since we had no other way to get in, it was irritating.

So, I broke down and called the answering service for the complex and found out that an emergency lock out costs $50 - are you serious?!?!?! Okay, I understand that maintenance has to come out after hours and I am sure gets overtime for this, but jeez! So...we give it about another ten minutes trying to break in and when I am 100% my apartment is burglar safe, I call back and tell them to send someone out to open my garage. I am careful to make sure they understand they can't just bring a key b/c of the deadbolt situation - that they have to be able to open my garage. Sure enough, about twenty minutes later a non-english speaking maintenance man arrived - he parked, stepped out of his truck, pushed a button, and Wah-Lah - we're in!!! I asked him how much, just wanted to be sure, wrote out the check, asked him who to make it out to..."Gracias Senor...buenos noches," "Gracias...buenos noches," and he was gone again. Just like that - $50 Poof!

I don't have to say that precautions will be made so that we're never in that situation again! Ever!