It's times like this that I wish I had a camera phone.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004
I got my first wedding present today from one of my coworkers. It's early I know, but she said she couldn't wait!! Ha ha...I am that way. When I buy something for someone I never wait for the occassion! She has also promised me my "something borrowed" for the honeymoon! It's a pink and white pillow to hang outside the door that says DO NOT DISTURB! She has loaned it already to one of the girls up here who got married last week and has promised it to the other one that is getting married next week - then to me in October! I thought that was so sweet!

While we're on topic of the wedding - everything seems to be coming together! We have started ordering the dresses for the bridesmaids. So, that leaves flowers and dresses for the flower girls as the two major things left to do. Of course, we have to finalize everything at the reception, but they are supposed to call us to set that all up - and then we just have to pick out what we want. They do all the work! If you're planning a wedding, be sure to have your reception some place that does everything! I am so glad we did, b/c we don't have to do any of the work...we just tell them everything we want and they take care of it. Stress-free!!