If my sunburn isn't evidence enough

Monday, May 17, 2004
that the weather cleared up for the softball tournament, then the Championship T-shirts should give it away!! Michael and his team went undefeated this weekend...second year in a row for this tournament. And Michael was an MVP again this year, too! Congratulations!!!

The wedding workshop went well Friday night...we were at the church until around 9:30 - longer than I had expected. There was one big disappointment for me, though. I had asked my cousin and uncle to sing special music during the ceremony and it looks like they won't be able to now. There is a chance they'll get to, but not sure. The church is so strict about what you can and cannot do. It's kinda sad b/c the song that I wanted my cousin to sing is one that I have had picked out since I was 19 years old. Maybe I can get her to sing it during the reception.

Saturday & Sunday we spent all day at the ball park. My shoulders, arms, hands, nose, and forehead are all burned! Luckily it didn't stay red too long - it's brown now, so I don't still look like Rudolph!! It still hurts, though! I wore pants on Saturday so my legs aren't bad and Sunday I wore shorts, but sat in the shade for the most part. I had wanted to go swimming Saturday afternoon so Michael and I went out to the pool, but the water was still way too cold to get in - so we sat with our feet in for a while and then napped on the lounge chairs! It was so relaxing!!!!

Now that the weekend is over it looks like the rain might be back. It rained yesterday after the tournament was over for a bit and I think there is a 50% chance of it again today.