I think I am getting a sore throat!

Friday, May 14, 2004
Well, it's just scratchy...doesn't really hurt that much, but with the weather going back and forth I am not surprised. The weekend is going to be soggy, too. Bleh!

Tonight we're going to the church for the workshop. Getting married in a Catholic church has so many more rules and regulations than in a Baptist church. They even assign you a wedding coordinator. Yesterday I received a call from the lady assigned to me and Michael. This was the first that I had heard from her. I won't get to meet her tonight as she'll be out of town, but she said that she would be getting in touch with me throughout the summer and sending me paperwork and information for our wedding. She sounded very friendly and nice!

We had plans for Saturday and Sunday, but they were all outdoors and I don't think the weather is going to allow them now.