I started to blog about this in my earlier post,

Saturday, May 01, 2004
but thought it deserved it's own post. Mom and dad and I were sitting here this morning talking about old times; when I was about two and we were living down on the lake...and then I realized that it was from that time in my life that that I have my first memory.

When I was born we were living in a brick house in Broaddus...after that we moved to the lake for a time in a very small place and then back to the house in Broaddus before finally building a big house down on the lake! During the time we were living in the small house on the lake is where my first memory came to be.

I can't remember who all was there with us...I remember my parents being there and my brother. Some other people came later, but I don't remember who really (mother and daddy told me it was some of my cousins). We were sitting outside at a picnic table I think and daddy was using a push mower. Then all of a sudden I remember him leaving the mower and running and waving his arms. He had run over a yellow jacket nest and stirred them up and they were chasing after him!!!! The next thing I remember is my brother grabbing me and putting me into the cab of the truck, crawling in behind me and shutting the door; I can see my mother (and in my memory someone was with her) running into the house! I remember having a feeling of anxiety b/c I was looking out the window at my daddy being stung by yellow jackets and thinking we should be out there doing something to help him. Then my memory jumps to us all being back around daddy taking care of him. He had just under 20 stings from the bees and many of them were on top of his head!!! My mother had taken off his shirt and it was lying next to me; I remember putting it on (I don't know why) and my brother and mother telling me to take it off b/c there could be some bees in the shirt still. I also remember being very afraid when I heard that.

And it ends there. I don't remember anything beyond that point. I don't remember doctors or daddy being sick - mother tells me he didn't go to the doctor and that he didn't even have any swelling from the stings!! I didn't realize how young I was when this happened until today when we were talking about it. Mother and daddy pointed out that I was two years old when we were living there and I realized that was my first memory!!!

I can't believe I have a memory from that early on in life, but sometimes things happen that are so intense that they can stick with you at any age I guess!!!