Saturday, May 01, 2004

I'm so jealous!

I am blogging from dad's living room on his laptop. He set up wireless in his house a few weeks back and I love it!!! Of course, I am in an apartment so wireless doesn't really make sense now...but as soon as I get into a house (and buy a desktop) I am going to get him to help me set up wireless for me, too so I can use my laptop around the house!!!

Michael went out early this morning to go fishing with some buddies...and I woke mom and dad up at 6:00 AM!! They are usually up by that time, so I was surprised to find them still sleeping!! Right now I am sitting in mother's housecoat b/c coming in this morning I got drenched and now my clothes are in the dryer! It's letting up a bit now...which is good for Michael since they are trying to catch some fish!

We were supposed to go to the crawfish festival this evening, but if it is still this wet I think I am just going to invite everyone over to my place instead (what do you think Elaine??)!! I was also supposed to meet up with my bridesmaids today to order their dresses, but everyone had plans and with this weather I really don't want everyone running the roads more than necessary! LOL - that sounds like something that my father would say!

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