I've had a double entry all day

Wednesday, May 05, 2004
and didn't realize it (deleted it)! No one else did either, I guess everyone else is as busy as I am. Since close was yesterday today wasn't as bad, but there is still a lot going on. Goal: to see the top of my desk by the weekend! It's an attainable goal...I like those kind.

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I'll be out of here by 11:30 - my appointment isn't until one, but I am meeting up with Michael at my place - he is taking me. The initial appointment is supposed to take three hours. Yikes! I called today to see if they were going to give me more medication. Every doctor seems to just try to give me pain medicine. I have tried them all...though I have one now that seems to work, I try to avoid taking it unless the pain is severe and I can't lie day. The lady on the phone told me they might. Great! If they do, I might just tell them no thanks, b/c what I have now works alright. I really want to find another way to treat them. I have tried meds since I was seven and HELLO DOC, I still have the headaches! Try something else!

Tomorrow night is the FRIENDS finale. I have invited a bunch of the girls over to watch and eat dinner and cry!! I did this for the season premier a couple years back and we had a good time. I figured it was time for another and what better time than the series finale!?!? Everyone said they are coming with tissue in hand! I'll need to be sure and pick up a box for the coffee table! Michael laughs at me when I cry at TV shows and reminds me they are just shows...yeah, I know that. Sorta! **wink** Then I remind him how he was about Dawson's Creek - even I didn't get into that show!!!! (Honestly, I love the fact that he had "his show" so he understands about mine.)