I ended up going to Michael's games with him,

Tuesday, May 18, 2004
but still made it home to watch SVU.

The sky was actually very pretty when we first got to the ball park. Then as I sat there and watched their game progress, this big, black cloud started moving in. It hung there for so long that I thought maybe nothing was going to come of it, then all of a sudden we heard this loud noise - like a big engine had been turned on. Across the park there are several metal buildings...the rain had begun to fall on them and was coming down so hard that we heard it loud and clear on the other side of the park. We knew what was coming next and immediately got up to move...within seconds it hit the field and then the club house! That was it - games over!

Next we heard over the PA system, "The bar is open!!" and everyone was hanging out inside for a while until it let up just enough to make it out to the cars and head back home! It was a pretty surreal way of being alerted to the rain! One of Michael's teammates paused when the noise started, glanced up at me and asked, "Is that rain..." "Ummm...yep!" and inside the dugout he ran! I have never seen that field clear so quickly! After only seconds the field was soaked to past ankle deep and it was so tempting to take off your shoes and run and slide in it! As a matter of fact, I think a few of the players were dared to do just that, but I didn't see anyone actually get out there in it. That would have been a site!