Thursday, May 20, 2004

I am glad it is someone else's wedding reception

this weekend and not my own, b/c right now I look like a leper! Okay, so I don't appendages falling off, but my skin is!!! Both of my shoulders have these huge, shining pale spots right on the top b/c my sunburn, which turned beautiful and dark, is now peeling off. Oh, and worse than that, my forehead and nose are peeling - have been peeling.

I put lotion all over for several days and when I washed my face it just peeled off my forehead - and some of it in the quick so not only it is blotchy up there, I have red spots from where some of it came off with the rag before it was ready to. Sheesh!!!!!

I look like I am ready for Halloween or something! And what's really bad is that the outfit that I am wearing to this reception is sleeveless - so my shoulders are going to be glowing!! This morning I even tried putting some dark foundation that I have on them. That actually helped b/c it made it about 1% less obvious! Grrr...I hate getting sunburned. Thank goodness I usually only do it once every summer - the first real exposure to the sun usually results in some redness, not always peeling, though. From then on out I just get darker, though and don't burn again. Glad I am not a June bride - I would have some serious lines on my shoulders to get rid of!

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