Eating Low Carb is getting easier everyday.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004
It seems every restaurant and grocery store is jumping on the low carb band wagon these days! I have found four five new low carb products this week along...and it's only Tuesday!!

Yesterday I went by Smoothie King b/c I had heard about their new low carb smoothie - I had strawberry. Delicious and at only 6 carbs it's a great low carb meal! While there I found another low carb product by Carb Watchers - I had the vanilla creme bar (scroll down - there was no direct link).

Then last night I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a box of cereal - yeah, I know cereals are mostly high in carbs, but Special K came out with their own low carb cereal!! It tastes so good!!! While we were shopping for my cereal, I also found another low carb item. I couldn't find a link for it, though...but it's distributed by Wal-Mart - soups! I don't know if it's only soups or if they have other products, but it's called Carb Focus (If you find a link or other products please let me know). I haven't tried the soup yet, though. I had actually planned on eating it today for lunch, but low and behold, yet another low carb item that I found and had to try! Downstairs in our very own cafeteria they were featuring low carb pasta today!!! I have a box of low carb pasta in my cubbard, but haven't ventured to try it I thought today would be a good day! It's linguine and it's scrumptous! To be honest, if the box it came it hadn't been out on display I would have questioned whether it was really low carb!!!

With all the diets that have come and gone, I think the low carb craze has been embraced the most by the public! Even fast food chains are getting in on it...a few weeks ago I tried Sonic's new low carb wrap and today while browsing for that link, found out they also have carb friendly buns! I'll have to try that next time I'm in the mood for a burger!

Of course, you have to remember that all these things still have carbs in can't go crazy - with the exception of the carb watchers bars. Some of their flavors have zero net carbs! Yum! The soup has 9 grams of carbs - and it's a huge can! I could get to meals outof one can. The smoothie has 6, but I drank on it from lunch time till I went home and still threw it out with a little left in my cup. The linguine had 5 grams per serving and I am sure the chef put more than one serving's worth - plus you have to add the veggies and the sauce (which was also low carb).

So, while it's easy to do low carb b/c it's EVERYWHERE, you still have to pick and choose and watch quanities! But with choices like these, it just make it possible to have those taboo choices every once in a while!!!