Eat Your Spinach

Friday, May 21, 2004
I love spinach and it's good for you - AND it's on the Acceptable Foods List for induction, but I hate what it does to my teeth. It makes them feel like I just finished eating a lemon...and what's ironic is that spinach contains magnesium, which is supposed to be good for your teeth!

Magnesium Chlorophyll

Spinach is the best vegetable source of the mineral Magnesium and as Chlorophyll is based on a magnesium atom, it stands to reason that such a dark green vegetable, as Spinach would have a great concentration of this mineral. Spinach is an excellent food for nerve nutrition due to this abundance of the mineral magnesium. A prolonged deficiency of Magnesium foods can be a major cause of tooth decay, as the mineral magnesium is responsible for strengthening of the tooth enamel. Over 70% of the magnesium content of the human body is contained in the bone structure.