Days 7 & 8 & 9

Sunday, May 23, 2004
I didn't get on the computer all I wanted to report today that both Saturday (day 7) and Sunday (day 8) I did really well. I did have one glass of wine this weekend at a wedding reception - well, about half a glass of red wine, but that was all...and then on Sunday I had a taco salad (I didn't eat the shell) and I didn't realize that it had rice on it when I ordered it. So, when I got it and saw all that I scooped it off as best I could, but may have ingested about a half a teaspoon along with some of my salad.

Cravings are still at bay...and I haven't had anymore headaches until last night, but that could also be attributed to the fact that we spent all day outside at Astroworld in the sun and riding roller coasters!

Today is Day 9 and so far so good! I didn't go down and get breakfast, but rather had a low carb bar instead. I find that now that I don't really have any appetite that I waste a lot more food. I get a plate of whatever, eat maybe half, and the rest winds up in the trash. I hate to waste like that. I think I am going to get some Atkins shakes to keep up here so that I can just drink those instead of buying food that won't get eaten.

I didn't do too good on my water since last Thursday, so that's something else that I am going to focus on today. I can tell that my clothes are starting to fit not-quite-so-snug these days. I didn't weigh this morning, but will be going to the gym during lunch so I'll weigh then. I know that isn't my "normal weigh-in time" though - so tomorrow morning I'll get an AM weigh-in!!

This coming weekend we're going to be up in East Texas with my family - so I'll have to be sure to bring some snacks and food for myself, b/c those meals are always the lowest in carbs!! Delicious, but too many carbs and I have been doing too good to mess up on it now!