Day Six

Thursday, May 20, 2004
It may only look like I am down half a pound on my weight loss tracker, but since I had gained a couple back I was up to 186 and I didn't record that (slaps the back of hand) - now I am down again and at 183.5!!! WooHoo! Progress is good no matter what the rate...I am so excited!

Okay...update on the list of products that I bought yesterday. So far the only one that I have come across that isn't wonderful is the CarbWise. I went downstairs this morning to get eggs and a diet Dr. Pepper and I didn't like the eggs at all today (don't know why) so I tossed them and pulled out the Chocolate S'mores Crunch by CarbWise. Now, it isn't terrible, but I must say it isn't as delicious as I had so much of the other stuff I bought is!

Everything else is great, though I haven't tried the one by Dexatrim yet or this new one by Carb Solutions (which I forgot to list yesterday). I'll let you know about those when I try them.

As for dinner last night...Michael took care of that for us! He cooked some chicken legs and cutlets for us w/ brocoli for me and beans for him. Not only shouldn't I have the beans on induction, they are on the No-No list from my headache doctor as well - so he's looking out for me! Thanks hon!

He precooked all the meat and then let it all simmer in tomato sauce for about an was yummy!! I only ate the bit of sauce that soaked into it. I didn't add any sauce over my meat. I was skeptical about how it was going to turn out when he was cooking, but it was really good!