Day One - 100% Induction

Sunday, May 16, 2004
I had a completely induction day yesterday...and so far today, too. It's so strange, b/c if you aren't into mentally, you just won't be successful. I have been eating low carb for over a year, but every time I try to get back into induction again, I am not successful. I would start off well and then cheat with a french fry or something breaded. Yesterday, though, I was determined and it was a difficult day either!! Once you are able to get over the hump and just do it for a couple of days the cravings vanish - that's what I am looking forward to!

I am going to try to track it here every day for the next two weeks to make sure that I get into ketosis. The last time I did it I lost 11 pounds in those two weeks!!! It is just so much easier now to do low carb I really don't have a good excuse not to!

I even dreamed about it last night. I dreamed that it was day two on induction and we were frying french fries in my parents' old house and I was munching on them. Sheesh...I guess I know my weekness! Although, last night Michael had french fries with his dinner and when I would normally sneak a couple, I didn't touch them!! I'll admit when I first smelled them I really wanted to reach over and grab one, but I resisted and after I started eating my own meal I didn't even want them anymore. I had done so well all day that I didn't want to jeopardize it on the first day!!!

So, for the next 14 days check in and make sure I am staying on the induction wagon!!!