Day Five

Wednesday, May 19, 2004
My appetite has definitely diminished. Yesterday I had a salad for lunch and then didn't get to eat again until after ten o'clock b/c Michael had softball games. I really didn't start getting hungry until around 9:00 and then I was more thirsty than hungry - I didn't get all my water in yesterday. We ended up going to Sonic - they have new salads now (I couldn't find them on their website, though). I had one with grilled chicken on it and couldn't even finish it! I did get a large diet drink, though. I was so thirsty.

This morning I wasn't really hungry, but went downstairs and got some breakfast (bacon and eggs) and then had to make myself eat a good portion of it. I love being in this stage - there are no cravings for anything bad - breads, sugar, pastas, etc. - and when I do eat, I don't eat too much b/c I am not hungry. My body doesn't feel bloated or anything either. Today during lunch I am going shopping (white shoes) and I think I am going to run by Quiznos and try one of their new salads!

I haven't weighed since I started induction again. I think I might tomorrow morning, though.