Day 4 - I'm Lovin' It!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Last night since Michael had an early game we just decided to grab dinner out. Fast foods are getting better at healthy meals...and since the Atkins is so widely practiced, there are a lot more low carb options out there.

McDonald's has been taboo for a long time for me, but last night that's where I decided I wanted dinner. I had an Go Active Meal with a Fiesta Salad. The salad comes with croutons, which I did not open, and topped with shredded tortillas and slivers of carrots. I didn't realize this or I would have asked they not be added, so I took the time to remove every single one of them! Michael just shook his head at me, though he gladly removed them from me by eating them!!! Hee hee...

The salad was really good! Then when we were at the ballpark I shared a bag of peanuts with a few friends...and for dessert I had a bowl of sugar free jell-o when I got home!!

This morning was our weekly staff meeting. Gary brought in biscuits and gravy and breakfast tacos from Whataburger. I skipped on the bicuits and opened up two of the burritos and ate the eggs and bacon from the inside! I was stuffed after that!

Four days going strong! Gotta get started on my water for today, though!