Day 12

Thursday, May 27, 2004
Dinner last night was great - we had a crawfish boil at my parents' house. I ate one tray full and got another one, but found out quickly that I couldn't handle it.

I am doing that a lot more lately. I put food on my plate and am hungry...then after eating less than half of it I am done. I did it again this morning. I was hungry...went downstairs for some breakfast, bought a diet cherry coke, two fried eggs w/ cheese, and some bacon. I ate all my bacon and some of the eggs and ended up throwing the rest away. I just don't have an appetite at all - I may get a hungry feeling, but one or two bites and it's gone.

I am not complaining...not at all! It's great - it means that I am doing induction well! I went into the gym on the way to get breakfast to weigh...the scale went back and forth between 181 and 182, but decided to remain at 182. Next week my goal is to get in the 170's - do you know how awesome that is going to feel!?!?!? I am going to be so excited when I make it there!