Day 10

Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Dinner last night was good at mother's. She even made a low carb recipe that I had sent her. She made some rice, too and a great dessert, but I had to pass on both!

I was in a training session all morning today and hit the gym afterwards for a quick arms workout. While down there I jumped on the scale and it is still holding at 182.5 - after a bottle of water, two cups of decaf coffee, and a Diet Dr. Pepper - I'll have to measure that again in the morning! Then I decided to have a taco salad (sans any taco) for lunch and some zero carbs snacks (Pure Delight and Carb Slim) for snacks!

Last night at my parents we had long talks about eating low carb and I layed out the rules for them! I even printed them all off the Atkins website. Daddy said he doesn't like rules, so he'll just eat whatever mother prepares! He doesn't realize, though that his snacking is going to be affected if he seriously is going to I guess it'll be up to mother as to what groceries she keeps in the house! Good luck Mom!!!!