The admin is gone...not the boss.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004
So why don't I feel like working this week! It's that "when the cat's away..." feeling, only it isn't the cat that's gone!

We're having a going away party this afternoon NEXT Wednesday for one of our guys who is moving to our Wyoming office. He's one of those very shy very silent types. I don't think I have had four conversations with him in the 3+ years I have known him. I don't know if anyone has. He's really sweet and quiet, with a really sweet and quiet wife, and two kids that'll grow up (both under two) to be really sweet and quiet!!!

The blogworld has been really quiet this week...with one or two exceptions. I always notice that when I don't have a whole lot going on, it seems no one else does either. So, I skip from blog to blog down my blogroll and venture into new, uncharted blogs along the way looking for new reads or new information and everyone's quiet all at the same time. Odd!

update: Hah! Even the boss is playing! I just walked by his office and he is updating his address book!