$70 later and you don't have to tell me twice not to buy something so big!!!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004
I'm talking about my parents' Excursion - I have had it since Thursday and just switched back with my mother. They are ready to get rid of it, too ~ but it is going to be needed come October when all my daddy's brothers and families are here for our wedding; otherwise, they would be selling it now! They have had it a couple years and really liked it. It came in handy on long trips and they have mother's Lincoln for running around in...plus now daddy has a little work truck, I think it's a Ranger. So, they don't really drive it anymore except up to East Texas b/c they always have it loaded down with stuff!

We were taking too much for my jeep this weekend so we borrowed it...ugh, next time we'll pack lighter!!! It incredibly comfortable for those trips...everyone had so much room and I definitely felt safe in it. Nothing was crammed anywhere at all and the pups had more than enough room to ride in their kennels. It was coming back into town that was awful. This morning driving through the parking garage the antenna kept hitting the directional signs on the ceiling - it did that Thursday, too but I had forgot and it startled me this morning driving in to park!! LOL!

My jeep has lots of space - after we start having children it might start to feel cramped, but in the meantime I am loving it! And I'm love the 20+- miles per gallon that it gets!!!! We spent $70 this weekend going to and from East Texas plus driving around while we were there! Whoa! Yep, no wonder they quit making them, they aren't economical! But my soon-to-be brother-in-law's truck get even worse mileage than the excursion - I think that has something to do with the big tires that are on it - and I think he might be doing something about that, but still, at $2.00/gallon I will pack to the roof from now on to stay in my jeep!!! :)

Okay, that's enough whining about the Excursion - I have to say a big thanks to my parents for letting us use it, though - it really did make a super comfortable trip up to the country!

We had a great time this weekend...we saw a lot of family (niece's graduation) and went to see a movie (I heard it got bad reviews, but I really liked it!), we fished and swam, grilled, and even worked a bit! I have pictures to post...we mowed and weed-eated at my parents' place and put together a television stand - I took pictures of all this in case no one wanted to come back I would have the pictures to prove why!!! I don't think that is the case as all, though. Everyone had a really good time - we're all a couple shades darker from spending all day Sunday and Monday outside, too! The lake was a bit cool still upon first getting in, but after a couple minutes it felt really good and especially when we got out and were in the heat again! I didn't take my camera to the lake (didn't want to risk getting it wet), so I don't have pictures from the water, but there are plenty others! While we were on the lake Michael's brother found an arrowhead ~ now for those of you who don't know, this is a really big deal! A big deal to me b/c my brother has hundreds of them and I was with him when he found a lot of them, but ask me if I ever found ONE!! Nope! Not one! Even when he threw them on the ground in front of me. Christopher is on the lake for the first time for all of five minutes and finds one! How unfair and lucky is that!?!? I could not believe it. We went down to the water and were there for five minutes (I swear) when we walked up to me with one in his hand! Unbelievable!

I also got in touch with an old friend this weekend that I hadn't talked to much over the past couple years...that was a really good thing from the weekend! I asked her to keep in touch (if you're reading I really hope you do) - and promised that I would do a better job as well! Old friends are a rare thing...it isn't easy to keep up with everyone b/c of our busy lifestyles, but an occasional email that says hello roars wonders!

The family issue that I ranted about is still going on, but I have decided to just distance myself from the whole situation. I did what I thought was the right thing to do, tried to help out where I thought my help would be appreciated, but after this weekend and the actions of others it is so obvious that I was seen as nothing more than a petty intruder to be squashed and disregarded. It is sad, but is also something that I am not going to let bother me at all anymore. I know that my heart was in the right place and even though people may draw their own conclusions about my actions and motives, I stand by that! I do know that my children will not be brought up that way - they will learn to see acts of love and kindness for what they are and appreciate the people that love them enough to be there for them and offer up their love and support.

Enough of that...I have whined about two things in this post, but please don't let that lead you to believe there was anything negative about this weekend. Those things were put out of my mind immediately. There was too much fun to be had (and was had) to let anything bring it down! When we got back home we were all pretty much exhausted, but still had running around to do. After we got everything where it needed to be we all cleaned up and decided to have dinner together and just relax for a bit. Now it's back to our regular routine and traffic!!!!

I hope you're holiday weekend was wonderful, too!