32 oz. is a lot of water!

Monday, May 17, 2004
I am half-way through today's water intake! It has taken me all morning to finish the 32 oz. cup that I have on my desk! It's just hard to drink it when you aren't thirsty at all. Lunch helped, though. It was kinda spicy!

I had vietnamese steak from downstairs!! It was delicious. It was served with jasmine rice, sliced cucumbers, lettuce, shredded carrots, and fish sauce. I asked for mine sans the rice and skipped the carrots. Oh, there were tomatoes, too but I didn't eat those either! And I added some asparagus, but after re-reading the Acceptable Foods List I didn't eat it after all.

I had a headache last night. I haven't had one since I visited the headache clinic and I am sure it's b/c I have been so strict on induction this week. I know that I am going to have a couple initially b/c of the diet change, but I also know they go away and that it'll be worth it!

I am also started to get a decrease in appetite. I did have a bit of the munchies last night while cooking dinner, but they soon went away and then after dinner and a little jell-o I was just fine! This morning I had a good breakfast, so going downstairs today I wasn't really that hungry. I ended up just eating the steak (cubed), cucumbers, and lettuce from my plate.

Now I need to go refill my cup for the second half of my daily water intake!