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Yay! I made it through two solid weeks of induction!

Friday on the way out of town I made a stop at the grocery store so that I would be sure to have low carb snacks this weekend. I knew that if everyone else was snacking on chips and what-not that I would want a snack of my own! So, I got some low carb bars, pork rinds, sour cream and a ranch dip packet, an Atkins shake, some low carb milk, a new low carb cereal, and plenty of salad and veggies! Mother took care of all the meat we had for the weekend...brisket, sausage, and chicken! I also bought chips and cookies for everyone else.

So, how did I do? Quite well! I don't think I'll buy anymore of the low carb milk - I didn't really like the taste of it and since I really don't drink the milk out of my cereal bowl, I don't think the few tablespoons of whole milk that I get in my cereal are going to ruin me! I'll finish this half gallon that I bought, though. It is too expensive to waste. The cereal was delicious, though! Did I cheat at all this weekend?? Ummm...on…

LOL - I don't often post forwards that I receive via email,

but this one was really funny and I wanted to share!!

A blonde finds herself in serious trouble. Her business has gone bust and she's in dire financial straits. She's so desperate that she decides to ask God for help.

She begins to pray... "God, please help me. I've lost my business and if I don't get some money, I'm going to lose my house as well. Please let me win the lottery."
Lottery night comes, and somebody else wins.

She again prays... "God, please let me win the lottery! I've lost my business, my house and I'm going to lose my car as well."
Lottery night comes and she still has no luck.

Once again, she prays... "My God, why have you forsaken me? I've lost my business, my house, and my car. My children are starving. I don't often ask You for help, and I've always been a good servant to You PLEASE let me win the lottery just this one time so I can get my life back in order."

Suddenly there is a blinding fl…

Day 13

Tomorrow is my goal date...14 days straight of induction. I don't think I am going to stop induction, though. I haven't lost as much weight as I want to by any means, so I think staying on induction at this point is the thing to do. I don't know if I will continue to count days; however, that might help me stay on track. So, maybe Sunday will be Part Two, Day One!!

We had dinner at Michael's parents' last night and there were potatoes and corn and bread and gravy - and I didn't have any of it!!! There were also mixed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots - I ate around the carrots) that she steamed and were delicious! The meat was hamburger steaks simmered in brown yes I believe I got about two tablespoons of gravy. I don't think that will throw anything off, though.

I am having old reliable this morning for b'fast - eggs scrambled with bacon, cheese, and tomatoes. This weekend we're having brisket one day and another day we're …

Day 12

Dinner last night was great - we had a crawfish boil at my parents' house. I ate one tray full and got another one, but found out quickly that I couldn't handle it.

I am doing that a lot more lately. I put food on my plate and am hungry...then after eating less than half of it I am done. I did it again this morning. I was hungry...went downstairs for some breakfast, bought a diet cherry coke, two fried eggs w/ cheese, and some bacon. I ate all my bacon and some of the eggs and ended up throwing the rest away. I just don't have an appetite at all - I may get a hungry feeling, but one or two bites and it's gone.

I am not complaining...not at all! It's great - it means that I am doing induction well! I went into the gym on the way to get breakfast to weigh...the scale went back and forth between 181 and 182, but decided to remain at 182. Next week my goal is to get in the 170's - do you know how awesome that is going to feel!?!?!? I am going to be so excited when I…

Last night was fun, but expensive!

I was looking forward to going over to my parents' last night, not only b/c we were having a crawfish boil, but b/c I didn't have to cook!! Hee hee...we stayed later than we had planned so we were already tired when we left to come back to my apartment.

Since we're going out of town this weekend and taking two dogs in two big kennels and Michael's brother and girlfriend, our stuff, plus their stuff, my daddy let us use his excursion, b/c there just wouldn't be enough room in my jeep for everything and everyone! So...last night we left my jeep there and brought the excursion home.

Now you have to understand some things before I tell you why last night was so expensive. We don't use the front or back doors at my apartment - they both remain locked and deadbolted at all times b/c we come and go from the garage. Michael has the remote for the garage and I have it programmed into my jeep. When we left to go to my parents' we left Michael's car in the garage …

Thanks everyone for putting up with my rant yesterday...

and for your comments! You just get to a point where enough is enough. I know that every family has their own drama, so I am sure everyone out there understands! Today has been a much better day - I am sure somewhat b/c I got that off my chest yesterday and was able to enjoy the rest of my evening b/c I felt like a weight had been lifted.

I keep a private written journal (which I have posted about before), but this time I felt that writing it in private wasn't the thing to do. I wanted to be able to hear feedback from everyone on it this time. So many times families just want to sweep things under a rug and pretend everything is perfect and I think that's where a lot of this drama originates to be honest. I don't have to give out our private details to get my point across - so I haven't embarrassed or shamed any family members in my post.

Okay...enough of that! We have a great week ahead of us...tonight we're going to a crawfish boil at my parents' house, tomor…

Day 11

I had another one of McDonald's Salads for dinner last night. We went out to the ball park last night so we just went to grab was good. I had the grilled chicken and not the crispy chicken since it was was really good!

Yesterday I did my arms at the gym, but today I am not going to use any weights. It won't help our team points-wise, but I am going to walk on the treadmil - see if I can't work out some of this soreness. Ooowwweee!! I hurt from Monday's leg routine. Squats, leg extensions, leg curls, and calves...first time back in a while. I know it's a good feeling b/c it means I am working muscles that I haven't worked in a while, but it still hurts! Hopefully it wil be better by the weekend.

I don't want another salad for lunch today - I have been eating not but salads lately, I would really like a low carb smoothie from Smoothie King, but if I work out I won't have time during lunch to go get one. I have some Crystal Lig…

I really just want to post a huge, freaking rant right now...

but I know that won't do any good. I have started it about five different times, but haven't finished one yet!

I am just angry...pissed off...frustrated.

I want to warn you that there is an angry post ahead and if you don't want to read my frustrated rant, please move on. I don't want to offend anyone, but things I have read/seen/heard over the past week have really offended me and I just have to get some things out.

Day 10

Dinner last night was good at mother's. She even made a low carb recipe that I had sent her. She made some rice, too and a great dessert, but I had to pass on both!

I was in a training session all morning today and hit the gym afterwards for a quick arms workout. While down there I jumped on the scale and it is still holding at 182.5 - after a bottle of water, two cups of decaf coffee, and a Diet Dr. Pepper - I'll have to measure that again in the morning! Then I decided to have a taco salad (sans any taco) for lunch and some zero carbs snacks (Pure Delight and Carb Slim) for snacks!

Last night at my parents we had long talks about eating low carb and I layed out the rules for them! I even printed them all off the Atkins website. Daddy said he doesn't like rules, so he'll just eat whatever mother prepares! He doesn't realize, though that his snacking is going to be affected if he seriously is going to I guess it'll be up to mother as to what gro…

I have been working on a post all day...

off and on about family, but have decided that I am not ready to put it out there yet. I need to get my thoughts together a bit more on the topic I guess. We had a bit of family drama this weekend ~ nothing too major, but enough that a lot of feelings and emotions were brought to the surface. Over the past year I have been trying to be there for someone who continues to throw it back in my face so I have decided that I am no longer going to let it get to me. I have a great future to look forward to with Michael and will have my own family to concentrate on. That may sound harsh, but I know when I have been told to butt help isn't appreciated!

So, instead I am going to post about what a great weekend that Michael and I had...especially yesterday! We hadn't planned on it, but ended up spending the day at Astroworld. We had a wonderful time. It wasn't too hot and the lines weren't too long! I think the longest we waited in line was maybe 15 minutes. It was on a Su…

First day of the incentive program...

I started my workout today! I was going to go this morning, but decided to wait until lunch time. I am still just so sleepy in the mornings. Hopefully after going at lunch time for a while I'll have more energy to get up early again like I used to.

Today I did legs and abs. I figure I'll rotate arms one day and legs another day and cardio another...and every other day do abs. That will be a good routine and I shouldn't get burn out on any of it. Besides, at lunch I have to manage my time b/c I still have to shower and grab food - I can do that in about fifteen minutes so that leaves 30 to 45 minutes to work out. I still got a really good workout, though...worked up a good sweat, so much so that when I came back upstairs with my lunch (Caesar salad, sugar free jello, and ice water) I went down to Lesa's office to sit in front of her fan for a while b/c I was still sweating!! LOL - my legs feel like jello right now, too!! I am going to have to do a lot of stretching toni…

Days 7 & 8 & 9

I didn't get on the computer all I wanted to report today that both Saturday (day 7) and Sunday (day 8) I did really well. I did have one glass of wine this weekend at a wedding reception - well, about half a glass of red wine, but that was all...and then on Sunday I had a taco salad (I didn't eat the shell) and I didn't realize that it had rice on it when I ordered it. So, when I got it and saw all that I scooped it off as best I could, but may have ingested about a half a teaspoon along with some of my salad.

Cravings are still at bay...and I haven't had anymore headaches until last night, but that could also be attributed to the fact that we spent all day outside at Astroworld in the sun and riding roller coasters!

Today is Day 9 and so far so good! I didn't go down and get breakfast, but rather had a low carb bar instead. I find that now that I don't really have any appetite that I waste a lot more food. I get a plate of whatever, eat maybe hal…

Days 7 & 8 & 9

I didn't get on the computer all I wanted to report today that both Saturday (day 7) and Sunday (day 8) I did really well. I did have one glass of wine this weekend at a wedding reception - well, about half a glass of red wine, but that was all...and then on Sunday I had a taco salad (I didn't eat the shell) and I didn't realize that it had rice on it when I ordered it. So, when I got it and saw all that I scooped it off as best I could, but may have ingested about a half a teaspoon along with some of my salad.

Cravings are still at bay...and I haven't had anymore headaches until last night, but that could also be attributed to the fact that we spent all day outside at Astroworld in the sun and riding roller coasters!

Today is Day 9 and so far so good! I didn't go down and get breakfast, but rather had a low carb bar instead. I find that now that I don't really have any appetite that I waste a lot more food. I get a plate of whatever, eat maybe hal…

I do drive and SUV

and I am not ashamed of's a Jeep Cherokee and I get pretty good gas mileage. I think around 19 or 20. It isn't some gas guzzling hummer or anything like that!

Yesterday morning, though it took $34 to fill up the tank - and it's only a 21 gallon tank.

Anyway, a friend sent me this cartoon today and I thought it was fitting to post!

Eat Your Spinach

I love spinach and it's good for you - AND it's on the Acceptable Foods List for induction, but I hate what it does to my teeth. It makes them feel like I just finished eating a lemon...and what's ironic is that spinach contains magnesium, which is supposed to be good for your teeth!

Magnesium Chlorophyll

Spinach is the best vegetable source of the mineral Magnesium and as Chlorophyll is based on a magnesium atom, it stands to reason that such a dark green vegetable, as Spinach would have a great concentration of this mineral. Spinach is an excellent food for nerve nutrition due to this abundance of the mineral magnesium. A prolonged deficiency of Magnesium foods can be a major cause of tooth decay, as the mineral magnesium is responsible for strengthening of the tooth enamel. Over 70% of the magnesium content of the human body is contained in the bone structure.

I am glad it is someone else's wedding reception

this weekend and not my own, b/c right now I look like a leper! Okay, so I don't appendages falling off, but my skin is!!! Both of my shoulders have these huge, shining pale spots right on the top b/c my sunburn, which turned beautiful and dark, is now peeling off. Oh, and worse than that, my forehead and nose are peeling - have been peeling.

I put lotion all over for several days and when I washed my face it just peeled off my forehead - and some of it in the quick so not only it is blotchy up there, I have red spots from where some of it came off with the rag before it was ready to. Sheesh!!!!!

I look like I am ready for Halloween or something! And what's really bad is that the outfit that I am wearing to this reception is sleeveless - so my shoulders are going to be glowing!! This morning I even tried putting some dark foundation that I have on them. That actually helped b/c it made it about 1% less obvious! Grrr...I hate getting sunburned. Thank goodness I usually only do it…

Day Six

It may only look like I am down half a pound on my weight loss tracker, but since I had gained a couple back I was up to 186 and I didn't record that (slaps the back of hand) - now I am down again and at 183.5!!! WooHoo! Progress is good no matter what the rate...I am so excited!

Okay...update on the list of products that I bought yesterday. So far the only one that I have come across that isn't wonderful is the CarbWise. I went downstairs this morning to get eggs and a diet Dr. Pepper and I didn't like the eggs at all today (don't know why) so I tossed them and pulled out the Chocolate S'mores Crunch by CarbWise. Now, it isn't terrible, but I must say it isn't as delicious as I had so much of the other stuff I bought is!

Everything else is great, though I haven't tried the one by Dexatrim yet or this new one by Carb Solutions (which I forgot to list yesterday). I'll let you know about those when I try them.

As for dinner last night...Mich…

Low Carb Lunch

Well, I didn't make it to Quiznos...instead I had a Subway Salad - spinach and chicken w/ sweet honey mustard dressing and a bag of Doritos Edge (I couldn't find a site strictly for these, but I found releases about it). They have six grams of net carbs per bag. They are really good, too!!! The salad is good, but one thing is for sure...the chicken they put on your salad isn't anything like that in the picture. Looks or amount-wise! Honestly though, with the way my appetite is, the chips are enough to satisfy me. I ate about a third of my salad before I decided that I had had enough.

I also made a trip by Wal-Mart to stock up on my low/zero carb chocolate snacks from these brands:
Atkins Endulge
Z Carb
Pure Delite

One thing about eating low carb, isn't always low price!! On my most recent trip to fill my snack drawer I spent $22 - all of which were single items except these - I bought a whole box, which was $5.00. The site …

I don't understand some people's laziness.

Now, I'll admit that I am a big's just my nature, but I am not lazy. I always do my own work and I do it well...last minute or not. I have always prided myself on never missing deadlines and never having sloppy work - and it being MY OWN work. What I am venting about is people who tend to push their work off on other people b/c they don't want to do it themselves.


Day Five

My appetite has definitely diminished. Yesterday I had a salad for lunch and then didn't get to eat again until after ten o'clock b/c Michael had softball games. I really didn't start getting hungry until around 9:00 and then I was more thirsty than hungry - I didn't get all my water in yesterday. We ended up going to Sonic - they have new salads now (I couldn't find them on their website, though). I had one with grilled chicken on it and couldn't even finish it! I did get a large diet drink, though. I was so thirsty.

This morning I wasn't really hungry, but went downstairs and got some breakfast (bacon and eggs) and then had to make myself eat a good portion of it. I love being in this stage - there are no cravings for anything bad - breads, sugar, pastas, etc. - and when I do eat, I don't eat too much b/c I am not hungry. My body doesn't feel bloated or anything either. Today during lunch I am going shopping (white shoes) and I think I am going t…

There's always room for J-E-L-L-O

I have mentioned eating sugar free jell-o more b/c it has zero carbs - well, today downstairs they had yellow (lemon) jell-o. I had never had it before - it's delicious! They serve it in 16 oz. cups so it's a lot actually and I can snack on it all afternoon! I need to get some RediWhip to bring up here to top it off with! It has less than one gram of carbs per 2 tablespoons (Cool Whip has 2 per 2 tablespoons).

The admin is gone...not the boss.

So why don't I feel like working this week! It's that "when the cat's away..." feeling, only it isn't the cat that's gone!

We're having a going away party this afternoon NEXT Wednesday for one of our guys who is moving to our Wyoming office. He's one of those very shy very silent types. I don't think I have had four conversations with him in the 3+ years I have known him. I don't know if anyone has. He's really sweet and quiet, with a really sweet and quiet wife, and two kids that'll grow up (both under two) to be really sweet and quiet!!!

The blogworld has been really quiet this week...with one or two exceptions. I always notice that when I don't have a whole lot going on, it seems no one else does either. So, I skip from blog to blog down my blogroll and venture into new, uncharted blogs along the way looking for new reads or new information and everyone's quiet all at the same time. Odd!

update: Hah! Even the boss is play…

Day 4 - I'm Lovin' It!!

Last night since Michael had an early game we just decided to grab dinner out. Fast foods are getting better at healthy meals...and since the Atkins is so widely practiced, there are a lot more low carb options out there.

McDonald's has been taboo for a long time for me, but last night that's where I decided I wanted dinner. I had an Go Active Meal with a Fiesta Salad. The salad comes with croutons, which I did not open, and topped with shredded tortillas and slivers of carrots. I didn't realize this or I would have asked they not be added, so I took the time to remove every single one of them! Michael just shook his head at me, though he gladly removed them from me by eating them!!! Hee hee...

The salad was really good! Then when we were at the ballpark I shared a bag of peanuts with a few friends...and for dessert I had a bowl of sugar free jell-o when I got home!!

This morning was our weekly staff meeting. Gary brought in biscuits and gravy and breakfast tacos from Whatab…

I ended up going to Michael's games with him,

but still made it home to watch SVU.

The sky was actually very pretty when we first got to the ball park. Then as I sat there and watched their game progress, this big, black cloud started moving in. It hung there for so long that I thought maybe nothing was going to come of it, then all of a sudden we heard this loud noise - like a big engine had been turned on. Across the park there are several metal buildings...the rain had begun to fall on them and was coming down so hard that we heard it loud and clear on the other side of the park. We knew what was coming next and immediately got up to move...within seconds it hit the field and then the club house! That was it - games over!

Next we heard over the PA system, "The bar is open!!" and everyone was hanging out inside for a while until it let up just enough to make it out to the cars and head back home! It was a pretty surreal way of being alerted to the rain! One of Michael's teammates paused when the noise started, gla…

It's been relatively quiet around here today.

I do believe that I saw some summer interns (engineers) downstairs this morning, though! I can't believe it's that time again already! Our admin is out this week...she got married on Saturday (though her reception here isn't until Friday) and I was afraid it was going to be chaotic without her. We're managing well enough - the paper flow is somewhat minimal so far this week...thank goodness!

It's really quiet up here right now. All the managers are behind closed doors somewhere. There is so much going on now that we don't know anything about. Apparently all will be revealed June 9th at our next Town Hall Meeting - that's what they call our company wide meetings. That's when all of the supposed changes are going to take place and when we get our merit raises as well. Since this new CEO has taken office we have all seen a lot of changes...mostly for the good, but one thing for sure it has made for a LOT of meetings and training! Next Tuesday is when I go …

32 oz. is a lot of water!

I am half-way through today's water intake! It has taken me all morning to finish the 32 oz. cup that I have on my desk! It's just hard to drink it when you aren't thirsty at all. Lunch helped, though. It was kinda spicy!

I had vietnamese steak from downstairs!! It was delicious. It was served with jasmine rice, sliced cucumbers, lettuce, shredded carrots, and fish sauce. I asked for mine sans the rice and skipped the carrots. Oh, there were tomatoes, too but I didn't eat those either! And I added some asparagus, but after re-reading the Acceptable Foods List I didn't eat it after all.

I had a headache last night. I haven't had one since I visited the headache clinic and I am sure it's b/c I have been so strict on induction this week. I know that I am going to have a couple initially b/c of the diet change, but I also know they go away and that it'll be worth it!

I am also started to get a decrease in appetite. I did have a bit of the munchies last night…

Day Three

It's the beginning of day three and all is well in the world of low carb!! Last night I cooked some beef tips, green beans, and made homemade mashed potatoes. Now hang on, before you jump on me for the potatoes, I didn't eat one bite of them! I didn't even lick the spoon, which is what I would normally do. I just made them for Michael. The meat was delicious and I even had two helpings of it!

I also made sugar free jello last night when I got home so after dinner was done and the kitchen was cleaned it was ready! I like to snack at night watching TV and since popcorn (favorite) is a no-no, the jello hit the spot! I am going to try several different jello recipes that I found that are low carb as well. They sound yummy!!!

If my sunburn isn't evidence enough

that the weather cleared up for the softball tournament, then the Championship T-shirts should give it away!! Michael and his team went undefeated this weekend...second year in a row for this tournament. And Michael was an MVP again this year, too! Congratulations!!!

The wedding workshop went well Friday night...we were at the church until around 9:30 - longer than I had expected. There was one big disappointment for me, though. I had asked my cousin and uncle to sing special music during the ceremony and it looks like they won't be able to now. There is a chance they'll get to, but not sure. The church is so strict about what you can and cannot do. It's kinda sad b/c the song that I wanted my cousin to sing is one that I have had picked out since I was 19 years old. Maybe I can get her to sing it during the reception.

Saturday & Sunday we spent all day at the ball park. My shoulders, arms, hands, nose, and forehead are all burned! Luckily it didn't stay red too lon…

Lipolysis Strips

I have decided that this time around I am going to buy some Lipolysis strips to make sure that I am in Ketosis - though there are definite signs, the strips will simply verify that! I don't think I'll buy the ones from Atkins, simply b/c I don't want to order them...I saw some at Walgreens. They are on sale for the same price and I don't have to wait for them or pay shipping.

When I was in college I went to a Quick Weight Loss Center and I remember they made up use Lypolysis strips, but I didn't really understand the whole theory so much back then and it was all supplements and bars and shakes...bleh! Real food is much better...and cheaper!!

Day Two

I just finished my lunch for today. I had a grilled chicken breast over a bed of leafy greens...and about six slices of cucumbers. I didn't really eat the greens - great thing of eating low carb, you aren't nearly as hungry!!!

I didn't post my breakfast, but I had two scrambled eggs this morning sprinkled with shredded cheese and three slices of bacon.

Now, I am working on a 32oz. cup of water - which I'll refill and hopefully finish again before the day is over. 64oz. while at work should help me adequately meet my water goal each day - and probably keep me running to the ladies' room!!!

I don't know what I am going to cook for dinner tonight, though. I have a great recipe book at home. I need to bring it up here so that I can peruse through it every afternoon and see if I need to stop at the grocery store for anything before I head home.

Day One - 100% Induction

I had a completely induction day yesterday...and so far today, too. It's so strange, b/c if you aren't into mentally, you just won't be successful. I have been eating low carb for over a year, but every time I try to get back into induction again, I am not successful. I would start off well and then cheat with a french fry or something breaded. Yesterday, though, I was determined and it was a difficult day either!! Once you are able to get over the hump and just do it for a couple of days the cravings vanish - that's what I am looking forward to!

I am going to try to track it here every day for the next two weeks to make sure that I get into ketosis. The last time I did it I lost 11 pounds in those two weeks!!! It is just so much easier now to do low carb I really don't have a good excuse not to!

I even dreamed about it last night. I dreamed that it was day two on induction and we were frying french fries in my parents' old house and I was munching on them. Shee…

I think I am getting a sore throat!

Well, it's just scratchy...doesn't really hurt that much, but with the weather going back and forth I am not surprised. The weekend is going to be soggy, too. Bleh!

Tonight we're going to the church for the workshop. Getting married in a Catholic church has so many more rules and regulations than in a Baptist church. They even assign you a wedding coordinator. Yesterday I received a call from the lady assigned to me and Michael. This was the first that I had heard from her. I won't get to meet her tonight as she'll be out of town, but she said that she would be getting in touch with me throughout the summer and sending me paperwork and information for our wedding. She sounded very friendly and nice!

We had plans for Saturday and Sunday, but they were all outdoors and I don't think the weather is going to allow them now.

William Banting - The Original Low Carb Author

I came across some interesting information today that I thought I might share.

His name was William Banting and he is considered to be the father of the Low Carb diet...according to this article. He wrote a Letter on Corpulence about his battle and victory over obesity. In this article/letter he outlines the many "diets" that he went on to lose weight. He visited many doctors and exercised regularly, all to no avail.

Then he went to visit Dr. William Harvey - and ENT doctor and all that changed:

Harvey's advice to him was to give up bread, butter, milk, sugar, beer and potatoes. These, he told Banting, contained starch and saccharine matter tending to create fat and were to be avoided altogether. The word 'saccharine' meant sugar.

When told what he could not eat, Banting's immediate thought was that he had very little left to live on. Harvey soon showed him that really there was ample and Banting was only too happy to give the plan a fair trial. Within a very…

The blog world is very quiet today.

and it is equally quiet around here (work) today. There are a lot of closed doors and empty offices and the weather outside just makes for a very surreal atmosphere up here.

I went out during lunch and after being out for a little while looked up at the sky as saw these big, billowing, black clouds rolling in on us. I decided lunch was over and no sooner did I get back into the building than the bottom fell out!!! The rain has since stopped, but there is still a lot of thunder and lightening and clouds. I hope it doesn't start raining again until I get finished with my evening commute. As I am sure I have stated before, I love the bad weather, but hate to drive in it!

I just realized that I never gave an update about my trip to the Headache Clinic.

It went well...we (Michael drove me) were there about three hours, which was what I was told. At first we just met with the doctor to discuss my headaches. Then she gave me a quick physical, but that first she wanted to run tests. Immediately, I thought "Oh I have to schedule more appointments and leave work and drive back down here," but then I realized that they were going to do them right then and there! Yay - no second/third/fourth visits! So, we went back out into the waiting room for about twenty minutes before I was called to the back again. They ran three tests on me - an EEG, a Doppler Ultrasound, and a visual stimulation test. All three required goo to be put on my scalp to attach wires to me!! When I came out all I could think about was getting home to wash my hair! It was pretty yucky!

After the tests were ran I went back out to the waiting room again - this time for about ten minutes before I was called again and we went back into the doctor's off…

I gained two pounds back...

It's true...I went down to weight yesterday and I am up two pounds. How disappointing. BUT - I am about to get my gym schedule back on track!!!

Here are work we have a wonderful fitness facility and throughout the year they have different incentive programs to earn Health Points which can be redeemed for various things (that's how I got my great gym bag a couple years back). You get points just for working out and such.

This latest program is a three person team and we have to log our workout schedules (it's weight training this month) and build to a certain goal. It's a company wide program so we're competing against teams from all departments within the company. Our team consists of me, a female coworker and a a male - Two Guys and a Girl Two Girls and a Guy! Original, huh!?!? We're going to be working out during lunch b/c that's the schedule that KL (female team member) is on right now I'll just join her.

I enjoy weight training much more …

The Flower Faery came to see me today!

When I came into my office there was a wonderful smelling gardenia on my desk in a cobalt blue bud vase. About a year ago one of my coworkers brought me a gardenia in this vase from her flower garden...later I had beautiful yellow miniature roses that I gave her in the same she is has returned it to me with another of her gardenia!!

What a pleasant way to start the work day!!!

Thank goodness the rain waited

until today to come down!!! Our Engagement Party was Saturday and it was great! I think that everyone had a good time. I know I did.

I didn't take any pictures, but several people there did...including Elaine. Soon I'll get them all on my site from everyone and post them, but in the mean time, visit Elaine's album to see some of them. My plan was to take my camera and give it to someone else to take pictures, but I walked out and left it laying on the bar at home. Sheesh...oh well! I think there will be plenty of pictures!!

Almost all of my family was able to make...and all but one of Michael's showed up, so we had a really good crowd! It was so nice for all the family and close friends to finally meet! We had to cut it off at family and wedding party b/c there were so many people!

This Friday we (me, my mother, and my mother-in-law-to-be) are going to a "Wedding Workshop" at the church where we're getting married. Catholic churches do a lot of things di…

OKay, I could rehash the last episode of FRIENDS,

but b/c I was a bit disappointed in it, I'll just let you read this great article that I found, which about sums it all up!! I had a lot of fun, though - I hosted a FRIENDS Finale Party at my place for some of my girlfriends, including Elaine and Kim! It was great to get together with everyone!

After everyone left I cleaned up the kitchen and watched Leno. I never watch the Tonight Show, but since it was on thet set of Friends and the entire cast was going to be there, I thought I would watch it. I wasn't too sleepy yet so I figured I could last! First the guys came out, then the girls, then everyone wasn't long until I was disappointed in that, too and just turned it off and went to bed. They all just acted like they didn't want to be there. Sorry...I was just a big Friends fan, have been since it started a decade ago and I felt like the fans got jipped a bit! They only did half a season - the other half was all repeats! I just hoped they would really go …

I've had a double entry all day

and didn't realize it (deleted it)! No one else did either, I guess everyone else is as busy as I am. Since close was yesterday today wasn't as bad, but there is still a lot going on. Goal: to see the top of my desk by the weekend! It's an attainable goal...I like those kind.

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I'll be out of here by 11:30 - my appointment isn't until one, but I am meeting up with Michael at my place - he is taking me. The initial appointment is supposed to take three hours. Yikes! I called today to see if they were going to give me more medication. Every doctor seems to just try to give me pain medicine. I have tried them all...though I have one now that seems to work, I try to avoid taking it unless the pain is severe and I can't lie day. The lady on the phone told me they might. Great! If they do, I might just tell them no thanks, b/c what I have now works alright. I really want to find another way to treat them. I have tried meds since I was sev…

It's times like this that I wish I had a camera phone.

I got my first wedding present today from one of my coworkers. It's early I know, but she said she couldn't wait!! Ha ha...I am that way. When I buy something for someone I never wait for the occassion! She has also promised me my "something borrowed" for the honeymoon! It's a pink and white pillow to hang outside the door that says DO NOT DISTURB! She has loaned it already to one of the girls up here who got married last week and has promised it to the other one that is getting married next week - then to me in October! I thought that was so sweet!

While we're on topic of the wedding - everything seems to be coming together! We have started ordering the dresses for the bridesmaids. So, that leaves flowers and dresses for the flower girls as the two major things left to do. Of course, we have to finalize everything at the reception, but they are supposed to call us to set that all up - and then we just have to pick out what we want. They do all the work! If y…

Eating Low Carb is getting easier everyday.

It seems every restaurant and grocery store is jumping on the low carb band wagon these days! I have found four five new low carb products this week along...and it's only Tuesday!!

Yesterday I went by Smoothie King b/c I had heard about their new low carb smoothie - I had strawberry. Delicious and at only 6 carbs it's a great low carb meal! While there I found another low carb product by Carb Watchers - I had the vanilla creme bar (scroll down - there was no direct link).

Then last night I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a box of cereal - yeah, I know cereals are mostly high in carbs, but Special K came out with their own low carb cereal!! It tastes so good!!! While we were shopping for my cereal, I also found another low carb item. I couldn't find a link for it, though...but it's distributed by Wal-Mart - soups! I don't know if it's only soups or if they have other products, but it's called Carb Focus (If you find a link or other products please let…

I started to blog about this in my earlier post,

but thought it deserved it's own post. Mom and dad and I were sitting here this morning talking about old times; when I was about two and we were living down on the lake...and then I realized that it was from that time in my life that that I have my first memory.

When I was born we were living in a brick house in Broaddus...after that we moved to the lake for a time in a very small place and then back to the house in Broaddus before finally building a big house down on the lake! During the time we were living in the small house on the lake is where my first memory came to be.

I can't remember who all was there with us...I remember my parents being there and my brother. Some other people came later, but I don't remember who really (mother and daddy told me it was some of my cousins). We were sitting outside at a picnic table I think and daddy was using a push mower. Then all of a sudden I remember him leaving the mower and running and waving his arms. He had run over a yell…

I'm so jealous!

I am blogging from dad's living room on his laptop. He set up wireless in his house a few weeks back and I love it!!! Of course, I am in an apartment so wireless doesn't really make sense now...but as soon as I get into a house (and buy a desktop) I am going to get him to help me set up wireless for me, too so I can use my laptop around the house!!!

Michael went out early this morning to go fishing with some buddies...and I woke mom and dad up at 6:00 AM!! They are usually up by that time, so I was surprised to find them still sleeping!! Right now I am sitting in mother's housecoat b/c coming in this morning I got drenched and now my clothes are in the dryer! It's letting up a bit now...which is good for Michael since they are trying to catch some fish!

We were supposed to go to the crawfish festival this evening, but if it is still this wet I think I am just going to invite everyone over to my place instead (what do you think Elaine??)!! I was also supposed to meet up …