We got rained out this weekend.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Michael did end up going to the campsite with his cousin and set up and had everything ready for us, but only to tear it all down again and tell us not to bother driving out. The weather was too bad. It was the wind more than anything really. Made it to bad to take the boat out. I knew the weather was going to be bad, but didn't know how bad down that way. The rest of the weekend was wet, wet, wet. Since we had bought all that food to grille we just decided to camp out at my house. Michael's brother and his girlfriend were with us all weekend and we grilled the hamburgers and hotdogs and even red-fish!

Since the guys were being our chefs, Kristeena and I played beauty shop! She is taking cosmetology classes so I let her practice on my hair and face. First she spent over an hour straightening my hair - with my clothing iron first, then my flat iron. I have never got my hair that straight before! It was amazing! Next she spent about an hour giving me a facial! That was the best part! I was so relaxed - I didn't want it to be over!

Now more than ever I am ready to make an appointment at The Health Spa!! I have been putting it off forever! Last Friday I had a 15 minute chair massage (like I often do on Fridays) here at the office, but it wasn't the regular therapist. She broke her toe or something so they sent someone else to take her clients. It was alright, but not what/who I was used to so I didn't enjoy it as much. After my next appointment I should be eligible for a free 15 minutes! I'll just sign up for two together and get a 30 minute session! Ahh...is it Friday yet!?!?!

Friday will be here sooner for me this week b/c I was out sick yesterday. I had a bad migraine. I don't stay home with them very often, as a matter of fact, I think that's the first time that I have called in with one for the whole day. I have called in and said, "When I feel better..." or "I'll be late..." and I have left work early, but never taken a whole day. Wow! I should get a perfect attendance award or something!!

After the 6th, though, hopefully I won't be able to use that excuse anymore! That's when my appointment is. Actually, it might be a while after that first appointment, but hopefully not too long. I have been to so many doctors over the years for them, but never to a specialist, so I am being very optimistic about it. I am curious about what kind of tests they'll do that other doctors haven't. I have had CT scans before that didn't show anything unusual and I have tried numerous migraine medicines - prescriptions and OTC. I am using one now that seems to work better than many of the others, but still not 100% of the time. Also, I am always afraid of taking them too much and then down the road they don't work for me anymore, so if I can just lay down for a while I do that instead of taking anything!