Thursday, April 15, 2004

Random Observations

Before I met Michael, when I lived in an apartment up here by work, I was far away from family and friends and most of my evenings were spent alone. I had several friends, (Elaine and Mike, actually) that kept telling me to be daring and go out to eat at a restaurant by myself. Now, not like a fast food place, but a genuine sit-down restaurant. They told me things like to take a book or something to write on...well, I did it and started to do it regularly. I searched my archives trying to find where I wrote about it, but alas, couldn't find it and gave up!

Well, since I met Michael my evenings are pretty busy all the time and I haven't really had to dine at a restaurant alone since! I did - for lunch! And it's amazing how much more you notice when you do it at lunch time as opposed to dinner time. I remember when I would eat alone at dinner time, it was usually quiet and though I noticed people I usually didn't really notice them b/c I had either a book or a journal with me.

Today, though, I was out and about for lunch and was going to pick up something to bring back to the office to eat, but decided to just eat out! I didn't want to bring food back up here to have to pull out at my desk and eat with people walking back and forth. I do that all the was good to be different today!

The lunch crowd is way different than the dinner crowd when you're eating alone! When you're with other people you fit're talking and rushing to get through your meal to get back to work like most everyone else! I wasn't like that today. I sat quietly and waited for my food and watched everyone else around me. I saw two different couples bow their heads to pray before their meal; another young woman was on the phone and had papers spread out everywhere; a gentlemen was enjoying the paper; and the three immediately next to me discussed their work environment and the correct way to eat lettuce wraps! You can always tell who is on their lunch break and will have to return to work after they finish eating. They have a sense of urgency about them! Those that don't seem to enjoy their lunch a lot more leisurely and calmly!

To be honest, it was a refreshing meal! I'm not really talking about the food, either! It was refreshing to eat, enjoy my meal w/out having to make conversation, and people watch! I have always loved to people watch! It's the most fun with my sister b/c we'll talk about every person that comes by - either critiquing them in some way or voicing our ideas about what they do or where they are going! It's funny most of the time! And lunch today was fun as well! I think I'll venture out to restaurants alone like that more often during the day! See what else I can see!

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