Oh my gosh...

Wednesday, April 14, 2004
I thought we lost Chinook!!! Mother left the house this morning (Chinook lives with my parents right now) at 7:30 to go to my sister's and didn't get home until noon. Since she was going to be gone so long, she left Chinook outside in the backyard to play with their dachshund. When she came home he was nowhere to be found. She searched for him about two hours before she finally called me crying...I was fine on the phone, but once I hung up I lost it, too. I made a flyer w/ his picture on it and emailed it to her to put out.

THEN, my daddy called. Their home number is on Chinook's collar. A lady had picked him up early this morning. She came by the house (the address is on there, too), but no one was home and she didn't know if she should leave him so she took him home and called. Their answering machine also has daddy's cell number on it and so she then called daddy's cell and left him a voice mail. After daddy heard it - this afternoon - he called mother and told her the lady's number.

Mother just got home w/ Chinook and he is safe and sound. I thought he was gone! He hasn't lived with me for about a year, but he is still my dog. He is going to be seven on October 1st (the day before my wedding) - and he has lived with me for over five of those years in college and then when I moved to Houston. I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't been found!!!

Be sure your dog has a collar on at all times with your phone number(s) on it! I am going to make Chinook a new one that has about four numbers on it!!!!!!!!!