My weekend started off good

Sunday, April 04, 2004
and ended good as well! It started Friday at lunch when Michael came up to take me out! The rest of the weekend was spent visiting with friends, fighting a bad migraine, and spending time with family!!! It was a really nice weekend, even though we lost an hour of it!

Saturday was spent in Humble running around with my mother and helping my cousin with computer issues until about 7:00; then on my way to Michael's that evening I stopped and picked up his ring. It was so exciting to finally get it in! Then we had the rest of the night to ourselves and it was such a wonderful evening! I wanted to run to the mall before it closed b/c I was looking for something (which I couldn't find) and he was so sweet and patient the whole time I was running around! Then Sunday we had a great BBQ with his family! It was great weather for it and nice to relax. And it didn't stop there...after we got home we headed down to the jacuzzi for a while. It was awesome - I didn't want to get out!

Now it's back to work. This is a short week, too. We're off for Good Friday this week! Well, since it's a short week I better get going!