Kinda having a down day.

Monday, April 05, 2004
Nothing really in particular, just not my cheery self. Haven't really been feeling 100% for a couple days now. Nothing that I can really put my finger on or anything, I just feel like something is (to quote Elaine) taking the wind out of my sails!

Maybe it's b/c I have been having so many migraines lately, maybe it's the changing weather (but it's been nice lately), maybe it's b/c today is Monday!! Who the heck knows!?!?

Tonight we're going to just relax at the house. Cook dinner and watch the season finale of our show! The laundry is pretty well caught up so we don't have to fool with that tonight, but the house needs to be cleaned up a bit before settling down in front of the television.

I like nights like this...when there is nothing on the calendar really and nothing that needs to be done either.